>Party people

>I spent most of the last fortnight partying. Highlights of the life I’ve been leading:

  • It’s most embarrassing to be living in a house where your family members get to see you for only a few hours everyday not because you’re working too hard, but because you’re partying so much harder! Well, The Guy and I overcame that debilitating sense of embarrassment to keep our social commitments that kept us tirelessly on our toes till the wee hours of the morning!
  • The night before Karva Chauth, we partied long enough to be back just in time for the sargi in the morning. It saved us the trouble of disturbing our own sleep and getting ready for the early morning ritual.
  • Diwali night was spent with friends and we returned home at seven in the morning, had omelets for breakfast and went to sleep. You can’t raise your eyebrows if I tell you that we woke up in the afternoon, had lunch and went back to sleep to wake up just in time to head for another friend’s place in the evening!
  • Bad hosts turn me off. Why invite guests if you aren’t inclined to take care of them? At this one party we attended, the hosts actually ate before the guests did. It was enough for me to brand the party a flop.
  • So cards were the flavour of the season. And though we don’t play big stakes, on a bad day you can lose a decent amount of money if you don’t exercise restrain. But if you don’t have that restrain and are a bad loser, don’t play. Because losing a great deal of money doesn’t justify cheating. This really sophisticated woman may have pocketed the gains from cheating, but she’s lost her reputation for it. Madam was noticed slipping cards under the pillow to come up with a trail of Aces!
  • I danced atop a table. At a party. With a dozen people around me. I have pictures of it as evidence that need to be destroyed.
  • At the same party, I slipped on the dance floor and lay on the floor pretending to laugh at myself just to get over the embarrassment. I can’t even say nobody saw me – they all did. Whoever didn’t must have been told about it. I know you know I was sloshed, so do I have to spell that out for you now?
  • The Guy was beside me of course, to ensure I do not make conversation with anybody who wasn’t drunk enough to not know that I was five tequilas and a vodka down!
  • I don’t smoke. A puff or two in six months doesn’t make me a smoker, does it? Not unless my big sister is watching me do it and assumes I do that every time I party. I hate coincidences!
  • Partying is inversely proportional to creativity. Which is why I’ve been unable to blog as often as I want to.
  • We’ve been so hooked to partying and seeing our friends every single day, I think I’ll get withdrawal symptoms if I have to quit!

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  1. >Heheh, loved this entry. Partying creates a world of its own – one in which you’re up all night and asleep all day! Sounds like you’ve been having some fun times the last few days. πŸ™‚ Live it up! Reading this entry makes me miss the party animal I used to be.

  2. >Funny – I never imagined you in a party animal avatar. Strange how we form images of people from their blogs na? And it’s fun to be jolted out them once in a while! πŸ™‚ Lucky you, girl!

  3. >@Vinz: Are you trying to say this post isn’t creative enough? :(@Sindhu: It’s actually like inhabiting a different world… I don’t remember what I did during the day time those past few days!@Devaki: Yeah, I know what you mean. And can’t really blame you for forming that image – I never have shared this side of me on the blog before…@Chandni: I gathered from your posts πŸ™‚ Glad to have company!

  4. >hahaha! the same thing happened to me on sat!! I was dancing with the Boy and tripped on my own feet falling on my back with a “thud!” Laughing is the only way to go when such happens! :)and that sounds like an amazingly fun fortnight!! :Doh i agree with devaki – you didn’t seem like partying animal from your blog! but oh well…now we know the real you! πŸ˜‰

  5. >@my space: “We” had a great Diwali! Ask Mr. and Mrs. KP :)@Alok: Lyricists are kind: they make a zillion songs to suit us party people :)@Crystal: Thank you. And thank you again for the template!@sunshine: There’s comfort in numbers πŸ˜‰ I guess everyone who loves dancing must have one of those experiences on the dance floor some time or the other.

  6. >Wow, sounds like lots of fun. Especially in LKO…both sets of my grandparents are from LKO and now inlaws as well. I had never associated that lovely city with a “party-arty” reputation…good to know it’s other side too πŸ™‚

  7. >@Monika: Awww… Next time, you throw some!@sansmerci: Well, if your husband is the party types, why not?@unsung: There are only some things you can envy me for, so do :)@Anon: Ah! I hate when people say that! Lko rocks. It really does. Come visiting and I’ll show you how πŸ™‚

  8. >@How do we do know: I’m glad I can make people laugh when I’m not making them think :)@Narcoleptic: I always had the time and temperament, never the opportunity. Now I have all of that :)@Abha: Cheers!

  9. >one tip Dnext time u fall off while dancing…just act normally and pretend that’s one of the new improvised steps. You know..like mopping the floor step from devadas by madhuri. Presence of the mind is the need of the hour u see.Oh and be careful of the withdrawal symptoms. Make sure that co-incidences don’t happen this time and be a mile off-view from ur big sister!

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