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>Random Rainbow

>A day’s worth of photography yielded rainbow-coloured pictures, all at home.

Violet and Indigo – The colour of pretty pansies
Blue – The sky on a sunny winter afternoon, with the moon playing hide and seek

Green – the grass on which I lay out my sunbed

Yellow – the tipe lemons on the trees

Orange – The kite peeking out of a tree

Red – The star that remains on the Christmas tree from last year’s decorations!

You like?

>The ‘F’ Word

>I mean Facebook, what were you thinking?

Anyway, ‘are you on Facebook?’ is not a question I’m going to ask. Because if you’re on this blog, most likely that you’re on Facebook too. So what I’m going to ask you instead is why you’re there.

(From the PostSecret blog)

For all of Facebook’s success, we are social networking rather purposelessly, I say. Of the 300-something people on my friend list on FB, I admit I do not remember anything about at least two dozen people from school except their faces. I admit that about 50 people on that list are people I’m in touch enough with in real life to make their presence on FB redundant for me. And I also admit that there are another 50-odd people out there who I couldn’t care less for. And then there may be those who put me in any one of the above categories. So who exactly am I networking with on FB?

Coming from someone who spends almost all of her working day on the internet (occupational hazard or perk?) and a lot of that time on FB, I’m assuming this is some sort of a pointer at how we’re on the FB bandwagon for almost no reason that seems worthwhile. Oh yes, I’ve gotten in touch with about a dozen people on FB whom I had lost track of after school and whom I’m really excited to reconnect with, but can those dozen faces justify the enormous popularity of Facebook?

It’s been a social revolution of sorts, I read, this coming of social networking sites and their immense popularity. And that Facebook’s status messages are iconic of this revolution. But where’s this revolution taking us – you and me, who’re hooked so hopelessly to this revolution without a direction? Where will I be after sharing with all of my friends my state of being in a status message? What will Farmville have changed about this world and what will peeping into people’s albums make us when the revolution is over? Because revolutions must end, surely they can’t go on forever!

And pray, tell me, what part do children have to play in this revolution? I mean, is it just me or is there something really wrong with children being on social networking sites? My nephew has joined a group called ‘I hate doing homework’ and takes quizzes like ‘What kind of a Kisser are you?’ on Facebook and he’s all of ten! What kind of a revolution is this that has precocious children to stand up for it?

Except for being a great marketing tool for companies and enterprises, I’m still trying to figure out why Facebook is such a revolutionary online tool. And come to think of it, the marketers came only after the massive numbers from all over the world were already there. So why did the massive numbers become addicted to a site to network when they didn’t need to network at all? Imagine, Facebook was actually invented as an intra-network site for Harvard students who could easily take a peek into each other’s room but preferred instead to peek into each other’s profiles! What does it say about human nature to you? Was Mark Zuckerberg just a lucky man or did he know something about human nature that we don’t?

The talk of Facebook becoming a paysite has been around for a while now but who’s going to pay for something that they may be hooked to without a reason? Unless of course, they are there for a reason. So let me go back to where I started: do you know why are you on Facebook, or any social networking site, and is it a good enough reason for you to pay to stay?

>You know you’re leading a good life when…

>…you can sleep-in late every morning and wake up without guilt.

…your husband is out of town on a weekend and your friends call up to take you out for a movie/coffee, your parents want to take you out shopping and your sister calls you up to take you out for dinner – all on the same day!

…all your friends and family return from their travels with shoes for you!

…your friends think you’re too drunk to take care of yourself on New Year’s eve, get all overprotective and do not think twice before kicking you in the shins when you take off your shrug to show off your strapless dress, even if it’s just to your sister!

…you can call in sick at work and not have to call anyone at all!

…you feel the warmth of layers of woollens on a chilly winter day and know you have plenty to thank God for.

…people are jealous of you – it means there’s something you have that others don’t!

…your friend drops all her plans to be part of your Plan B because your Plan A with another friend has flopped.

…you have friends who forgive you for your mistakes.

>To be understood as to understand…

>It’s one of my favourite lines from one of my favourite hymns we used to sing in school. Makes so much sense, doesn’t it? Not right now to me, though. Where I am right now, I cannot understand anyone, anything. I don’t wish to. Because it’s so bloody taxing to just go on trying to understand everyone’s mistakes. Sometimes, I just want to call a spade a spade, just want to say, ‘I do not understand you.’ Because sometimes, I just want to be understood and I’m not. So I give up seeking to be understood. And I give up trying to understand as well.

Think about it, how hard do you try to rationalise your friends’ or family’s irrational behaviour by trying to ‘understand’ it? Why is it necessary to think from the other person’s point of view all the time? The other person might not even have a point of view that you’re trying to understand! You know what I mean?

What I mean is that when someone is so frustrated that they pass on their negativities on to you, there’s nothing to understand there. That person must be avoided. I mean that when a friend says something that irks you even if she didn’t mean you ill, it’s her business as well to understand why you’re irked as much as it is yours to understand her intentions. What I mean is that when a stupid pedestrian crosses the road just when the light turns green, I cannot attempt to understand why he has no civic sense. Really, what’s with us seeking to be understood and to understand ALL the time?

I know what you’re going to say – that if no one understands no one what will this world come to? You see, you’re asking me to understand something again. Hell, I want to be selfish for once! I want to say, ‘You try to understand me like I’ve been trying to understand this world all my life!’ Why is that such a horrible thing to ask for just once in your life? I promise, I’ve not lived my life like this and I promise I’m not going to live like this. But just for now, just for the time being, is it possible for you to try to understand me?

>Question of the Month: January

>New year, new ideas. And this one’s for the blog. Considering that I ask so many questions, I’ve started a new monthly post here called, what else but ‘Question of the Month.’ It’s simple enough: I ask a question and you find me the answer. Or at least tell me what you think about it. Or maybe you can ask me a question in return. Or maybe you can tell me it’s not a question at all – whatever – but let’s just get talking.

And the question for this month is:
Is ambition an aberration in a woman’s nature?



It’s time to rub our hands in glee
We have something for you, dear MTBs
Little baby’s on the way,
Getting bigger every day,
Two tiny feet that will wave in the air
Two tiny hands that will tug at your hair
But before that there is some work for you.
The best we can do, is give you a clue!

We two bloggers share a screen name
Find the other who’s different,but same same:
ABC… One can be me,
The other is with a double ‘e’

Good work there, you are one step closer
Take a bow and move on to the next composer!

>Roll Call

>We’re beginning this year with a mandatory roll call just so that we know who’s here with us, just so that we can say hello to each other. And if you please, tell me what brings you here…

*Will the real slim shady please stand up?*