Monthly Archives: September 2007

>I have nothing to say

>I have nothing to say.
Let me make peace with my silence.
Your words are superfluous…
Don’t expect an answer:
I have none.

I will not say what you want to hear.
Don’t try to find the words
You think I’d like to hear.
You cannot
Fill the silence I have decided to create.

If you cannot understand what I haven’t said
How will you understand
What I would want to say?
So shut up, like me:
Be at peace with the silence between us.




When you want to run away, there is no refuge.

>Not been here, not done this!

>I’m not the kind of person who lives without regrets. I regret doing so many things, not doing so many others. But before this life is over, I’d like to do some things. Here’s a random list of things I want to do, REALLY, REALLY want to do, things I haven’t done before, I think I ought to do.

1. I want to travel without a plan. Not come back home for months. See my country. Just squander away my time.

2. I want to be so rich, I won’t know what to do with all the money. No, that’s an exaggeration. I just want to be very, very, very rich. So that I can talk about a few lakhs like it’s no big deal. Go shopping without a budget. Yes, I am that frivolous.

3. Live alone. Just us – the two of us. Sleep when I want to, eat what I want to, wear what I want to and not wear when I want to – no questions asked.

4. Give an interview on national television. Why can’t I? I want to be a celebrity. A REAL celebrity. They say it’s easy these days.

5. REBEL. Not care. About ANYONE. Not even in my head. Be selfish without guilt, drunk without a hangover.

6. Hit someone. I slapped my cousin when I was 10. That’s it. I’ve never hit anyone. My sister is a Gandhian, she believes in passive resistance, non-violence. We never fought. I want to now.

7. Bungee jump. I think I can do it. It would be fun!

8. Swim. The most do-able of all the things. Haven’t managed to float yet.

9. Be shy. What makes people shy? Why haven’t I felt shy till now?

10. Be a scholar. I enjoy studying. I loved school and college. I loved my course books. Then why didn’t I become a academician?

I think this could be a tag. Who wants to be tagged? Anybody who reads this is TAGGED: 10 things you always wanted to do, haven’t managed yet.