Monthly Archives: March 2010

>A word can say a thousand things

>Like when The Guy SMSes me this:


And I’m left peeling layers off that message: what it could mean depending on when it’s said.
It could be a happy exclamation of love.
Or an expression of longing.
Or an admonition.
Or a reminder.
Or nothing at all. But even then, it’s speaks to me so much than ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey’ would. Because it’s ‘our’ word.


>Are you interested in my life?

>Because that’s all I’ve got to share, and it may not exactly be interesting but it’s all I have to say (did that just rhyme?).

I know I’ve been doing these very short, bullet-type posts of late, but that’s how my mind works these days. I think I leave all my paragraph-writing abilities at work. And here I should tell you that I do spend 10 hours a day at work, on an average. Sometimes more. And I have people calling up from home at all times of the day, shocked that I’m in office at 10, 11, 12, 1 – anytime after 8 in the night. But really, I enjoy work. Like I said, it’s good exhaustion. I don’t mind being in office as long as I’m doing something. It’s the hanging around waiting for something that really gets my goat. But I’ve said that before…

So you think there must more to my life than work? If not, you would begin to pity me. Well yes, of course there is more to my life. I go back to an empty house. But it’s not as bad as it sounds. I have help! Oh yes, I’m living on my own and I have to do almost zilch for myself. I mean, I don’t even have to manage the maid. She just comes, wakes me up at 9-ish, cooks and cleans for me and smiles at me all the time (though she’s miffed with me now because I do not eat as much as she’d want me to, but I’ve always been weird with food, haven’t I?).

Also, while I’m counting my blessings, let me add, I’m staying in this airy, spacious place in Delhi for which I do not pay a penny. Ha! What do you know?! As it happens, this place belongs to someone from back Lucknow who has this fully functional setup in Delhi which he rarely uses. And which I can use because this person is really close to my family. So basically, I get to save all the money I would be spending on a pigeon-hole-sized places in South Delhi that would cost me a bomb. No, I’m not living in South Delhi – where I really wanted to because I’m familiar with that part of the city – but it’s okay, because I’m discovering new places. And they aren’t bad at all. And because I’m saving all that money (I do not even have to pay the maid – she used to come even when I wasn’t around!), I can spend however much I please on commuting if I wish to travel an hour and a half to my favourite spots in the city. And while we’re still counting our blessings, let me also tell that the place is super safe: there’s a family that stays in the same building, employed by the owners of the place as caretakers. And who’ll fetch me anything I want from the market nearby. Like coffee from CCD. Or meds from the pharmacy. Or an auto if I need to go some place.

But honestly, I hadn’t realised all this except in a very practical sort of way (without really being thankful for it) until a friend pointed this out to me… Over a phone conversation, T, from Lucknow, was inquiring about how I cook and manage the whole house, and I just said, ‘I don’t.’ And that’s when she said how I’ve never had to really do all of this. Even in Lucknow, I never had to worry about food, electricity, water, plumbing, cleaning, gas and all the stuff that crops up at home because I have people to take care of all that. And here I am, living all alone without having to lift my finger to do a thing. And that’s so true! If you discount the bit about how I travel in public conveyance, I do live like a princess! And it’s just such a great thought. Sure, people live more luxuriously – I don’t have an LCD TV, nor a washing machine nor a garden like back in Lucknow – but I still think I’m doing pretty good. And anyway, what’s a bigger luxury than living without a care in the world?

>The two kinds of exhaustion

>There’s good exhaustion and then there’s bad exhaustion.

Good exhaustion is when you work the day off, are happy with the day’s work and can sleep well.

Bad exhaustion is when you spend the day idle waiting for things to happen and have too much energy pent up within you to get a good night’s sleep.

What I like about my life right now is the good exhaustion bit.