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>Posting from Lucknow on Judgement Day

>The roads have worn a forlorn look all of today. For a city trying desperately to maintain a semblance of normalcy, trying to go about every day of the last week as if this was not the lull before the storm, trying to tell itself it will not going to react to whatever the court says on the Ayodhya dispute, it was a telltale sign of the fear it was trying in vain to hide. Today, it spilled over on to the streets – shutters were brought down on shops early in the afternoon, schools were closed peremptorily and offices shut. People huddled around their TV sets, found refuge in their homes. Life came to a standstill. All this while someone send an SMS joke about half an hour before the court was supposed to deliver its judgment – “The judgement is out,” it said, and on rolling down the cursor, “They’re going to build a pub there.”

Over the last few days, we’d all been preparing for the worst, hoping for the best. But on the eve of the judgement day, the excitement in the air was palpable. The discussions, arguments, speculation about what could and will be, about what should and won’t, which had filled up working days and after hours all of last fortnight were drawing to a close. The anticipation was hanging heavy in the air, weighing us down.

I couldn’t sleep last night. And I didn’t know why. I woke up unusually early, like one is wont to on a day when an important event of one’s life is going to take place, with something in my heart I could not put my finger to. I thought I was falling ill, but I wasn’t. I was just sick of the build up to the day. Ironically, I did not think this was an important day in my life, per se. But it was. It was an important day in the collective lives of so many of us, who would have been dragged into this with our opinions but sans our will, had things gone differently.

But the judgement and its aftermath – it’s been like an anti-climax. Yes, we’re all glad, heaving-in-relief glad, that it’s all over and we can go with our lives now. But there are no longer sides to take, guesses to hazard, peace messages to send. And while the intelligentsia can now sit and shred apart the judgement into tiny little technicalities, there’s no heat left in the discussion, no unseen dangers to fear, no shadows to imagine where they didn’t exist. It’s back to being normal, for now.


>Question of the Month: September

>Would you do something yourself if you could ask someone else to do it?

I’m one of those irritating people who will not be satisfied delegating work. And I hate it. I do want others to do some of the work I think they can, but I wish I could do be happy with how they do it. How does it go with you?

>The wishlist

>A cafe, a book, the smell of coffee beans.
Conversation, silence, comfort.
Mountains, foliage, fog.
Sand, breeze and a flop hat.
Pedicure, back massage and neck rub.
Walks, the smell of pine woods, the nip in the air.
Peep-toes, pumps, platforms.
Blankets, pillows, fluffy mattresses.
Flat tummy, toned thighs, girlie biceps.
Music, friends, waltz.

And then some more –
Cafes, books and smell of coffee beans.

>Updates from a Survivor

>I survived it, that thing called work and that condition called overworked. Yesterday was the first Sunday in a month probably that I’d not spent at work. I had been working on every off, even festival holidays because there was so much happening in the office. On most days, I was the first one to arrive and the last one to leave. Because with great power comes great responsibility. And what am I if not Superwoman, eh?!

So there I was doing 10-12 hour days at work, only to come home, get ready and be off to celebrate someone’s biirthday, someone’s baby’s birth, someone’s Eid get-together… And I have to give it to The Guy for being super patient all the while. If I were in his shoes, I’d be bored and whiny. He was plain supportive, just like I like my man to be – missing me but not killing me with guilt. He messaged me a dozen times to tell me he was missing me the night we closed the special edition we’d been working on, and I landed at for a party after midnight!

It’s been like a roller coster ride. Lots of yelling, highs and lows, twists and turns, fear, excitement, joy to be doing something I’d never done before. But this roller coster ends right on the top. The extra hours, the working in my sleep and the tendency to eat/breathe work has paid off, I guess. Hopefully, it’s all been worth it. But I’m glad now to be getting back to a more normal pace at work.

I want some quietude, some time to relax, to go get a pedicure, to get my arms and legs waxed instead of picking up the razor as a last minute resort, to get a facial once in six months, like normal women do. I’d like to have enough time to not have to go out on a limb just to meet my sick nephew. Or have to plan a call to my cousin who’s suffering from dengue. I was planning a European holiday – to look and explore and learn. Now, I just want to go to place where I can unwind, to switch off my Blackberry and deactivate all email notifications. And I wonder what it must be like for my boss, who has ten times more sh$% to handle than me!

But does that mean this pace is killing me? That I want time out? No, not yet. I think that after all, this is how I like it. I like my days full, my head crammed with ideas, my heart and head all in one place. But if I could slow down just a tad bit, I’d be able to stretch myself out longer, I think. And blog a little more!

Considering how erratic I have been with blogging, I should be considering shutting down this blog. Most days I have no time to come and write here, others I have no coherent thoughts! But I can’t give up blogging. I can’t! I like it here – to be talking, to be around here listening to what you have to say. Even in this mad rush of the last month, I’d check up on a few fave blogs, just to de-stress, just to check up on bloggers I was thinking about. I don’t think I can blog with the same fervour that I did before, because that fervour has gone to work with me, but I still can’t stop being a blogger!