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>If you’re unhappy, you’re likely to spread it around!


I don’t know if you look for a scientific explanation for everything in this world, but I don’t. I don’t even know if vibes have any scientific background, but I believe more in vibes sometimes than words. I know this girls who says she’s happy, but just being around her makes me unhappy! I mean, you know how it is when you don’t like a person without a reason? I say it’s the vibes.

And I hate the fact that I am so tuned into these invisible vibes. Half the reason I quit my last workplace was because the people there didn’t give off positive vibes. And that’s why when I choose people to work for me now, I’m not just looking for capable candidates, but also people who will make their workplace cheerful.

There are so many other things I can attribute to this vibe thing: a happy home is created by people who exude warmth and love. Some people make you uncomfortable just by being present there. If you’re unhappy, you’re likely to spread around that feeling!

Not just people, even places have vibes. They can make you feel happy, lonely, sad, peppy, whatever! Sometimes, just changing the place of your residence, no matter how difficult it may be, can solve all your problems.
This could be a tag kind of a thing in fact!! What’s your favourite vibe place/person and why? Answer right here, right now.


>Coughing is inversely proportional to creativity.


>I am a hungry person rebelling against food that’s being force fed to an adult.


Whether you’re a rebel with a cause or without one, rebellion isn’t easy. Ask me, I’m a rebel without a pause – but perhaps only in my head, which makes it so much more difficult for me to be conventional.

I am a hungry person rebelling against food that’s being force fed to an adult.
I am an independent person rebelling against too much help from anyone.
I have my own mind, on just about everything, and I rebel against people telling me what to do.
I believe in traditions, and I rebel against people who tell me they are irrelevant.
I believe in conventionally good traits like honesty and hard work and I rebel against people who would have me believe me that there are cheap short cuts to success.
I am a family person who rebels against attempts to abrogate my space by my family.
I am a woman who believes in gender equality and I rebel against all chauvinists.
I rebel against anybody who thinks they can use force to make me tow the line.
I rebel against expectations.

I wish I was a little more brave to take my rebellion out in the open.

>A decade of love


Ten years is a pretty long time. And that we’ve survived each other for so long should say something about us and our relationship!

I met this guy some 11 years ago and it took me a whole year and a little more to realise I had fallen in love with him. That we were meant to be was obvious right from the start: providence had played a part in bringing us together and no amount of resistance could have changed that! Thankfully, there never was any resistance. Once we had discovered each other, the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle we call life kept falling into place, effortlessly! And the picture was complete when we tied the knot – less than 4 years ago!

He was a stranger who seemed so familiar, I talked to him for almost an hour the first time I ever spoke to him! He was gentle, sensitive, patient, interesting, caring. And a friend. I oscillated between liking and disliking him for those same reasons till I grew up to realise, well, love isn’t just about liking the person you see before you; it is about accepting the things you dislike in him as well.

I don’t know what he liked in me, I don’t know if even HE knows it. But I still love to talk to him, even after all these years. I still want him to listen to me like he did the first time we’d met.

The last decade has been a delicious mixture of sugar and spice. We’ve had our share of fights, tears and misunderstandings, but as I said, we’ve survived and our love for each other is still intact. Yes, it has changed, like everything else in Nature: in its tone and colour, intensity and vigour and I can’t pretend I wouldn’t want it to be just the way it was so many years ago when I fell in love with a lanky boy who was so unlike me in everything, you’d be surprised! But what we have now is different, it’s special and it’s still love!