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>Is there no expiry date on waiting?


>Making memories


The rains remind me of strange things: brown paper, brand new crayons and stick-on labels. The oppressive humidity gets me excited. And the downpour makes me feel like a child again. Just as I love the sounds and smells of summer because of the memories they bring back to me, the monsoons take me back to the excitement that preceded re-opening of school after the two-month long summer break (yes, school was fun for me!).

Like the seasons, my moods change with the changing months of the year. And this time of the year is devoted to creativity. I want to dig out the chart paper and sketch pens, the scissor and glue and get working on something inanely creative. But neither the chart paper nor the sketch pens, the scissor nor the glue seems to bring out my creativity anymore.

I know it won’t be long before the ennui of August and September sets in – the months that never seemed to bring any good in life. But I wait for October, when that certain something in the air has me all charged up, goading me to empty my pockets on silly nothings I don’t need.

I move back and forth in time to make a fresh set of exciting memories that would be able to replace the old ones. But creating memories takes time and I’ll have to wait for some years before I can look back at this life with longing. Till then, I can only get nostalgic.

>Truly, madly, deeply…


I am in love. And however uncool it may be to say this, I am in love with my parents.

I’ve been blogging for some time now. And am surprised at the teeny weeny blogspace we bloggers devote to our parents. We talk about lovers and friends, about colleagues and crushes. There are mom blogs that talk about motherhood and children, and relationships and stuff, but we never somehow seem to talk about our parents. I am surprised too that I haven’t written about my parents considering how much I miss them and think about them all the time!

But this isn’t a ritualistic post written for the sake of officially recognising their role in my life. It’s because I don’t seem to have enough of them these days. I probably love my parents as much as you do, but I respect them now more than I ever did. It’s about situations in life and how they change you, change the way you look at things and people. I’ve moved from taking them for granted to cherishing them for the persons they are and not just my parents.

I realise now how easy they had made life for me by just being who they are, by giving me the space to be me. I love them for their ability to smile when they see the silver lining in the clouds. I value them for helping me to have faith in the goodness of life, to believe that it’s going to be alright and that this too shall pass. I love them for their simplicity, their inability to complicate things like others do and to be happy. I love them for their energy and enthusiasm for life,And their efforts to pass it on to their children. I love them for letting the child in me live when they were helping me grow up, for being able to laugh out loud a carefree laugh, for loving us selflessly and unconditionally.

And I probably miss not living with them so much because there are such few people like them. Love you ma and pa!



Too fast
Life’s moving, too slow.
And stuck in the whirr of motion
Am I, lost in timelessness.

Seems like yesterday
When I was waiting for today
And today seemed to have bypassed me
Some years ago…

Foward and backward
In time I move,
And stand still forever
As time does move.

Tomorrow never comes
And yesterday never goes
What tense am I living in –
That perpetual no-zone?

>An appendix

>What is an appendix?

The most common explanation is that the appendix is a vestigial structure with no absolute purpose. In The Story of Evolution, Joseph McCabe argued thus:

“The vermiform appendage—in which some recent medical writers have vainly endeavoured to find a utility—is the shrunken remainder of a large and normal intestine of a remote ancestor. This interpretation of it would stand even if it were found to have a certain use in the human body. Vestigial organs are sometimes pressed into a secondary use when their original function has been lost.”

Who is an appendix?

Things/people/phenomenon with no absolute purpose who vainly endeavour to find a place of utility for themselves in your life but are merely the shrunken remainder of that purpose. This interpretation would stand even if it were found to have a secondary use in your life. Such things/people/phenomenon are sometimes pressed into a secondary use when their original function has been lost.

You can ignore an appendix for as long as it does not turn into a painful appendicitis, but once it does, it has to to be removed and happily so: the removal not only relieves you of pain but also leaves no side effects.

I’m only waiting for the pain to get sufficiently unbearable to get rid of the appendix in my life.