>The Sign


What will be, will be. But it’s recognising the sign of what is going to be that thrills me. No, it’s the showing up of the signs that is more thrilling.

Sai Baba walked into my office yesterday. Just like that. We haven’t been followers of Sai Baba – neither me nor The Guy nor our families. A month ago, an astrologer, face reader, clairvoyant rolled into one suggested I keep a picture of Shirdi Sai Baba in my office – it would be good for me, he simply said.

I rarely consult astrologers and do not believe in superstitions. I do not however, undermine the science of astrology either. Or the power of clairvoyance. So I made some attempts to find a photograph of Sai Baba for my office. Admittedly, they were feeble attempts and I didn’t bother to go out of my way to find the suitable size of photograph for myself. it was always at the back of my mind that I had to get Sai Baba’s picture. And yesterday, he walked into my office in the shape of a little statue gifted by someone who had just returned from Shirdi. I was surprised. It was almost as if someone had read my mind. It could have been a coincidence, but I like to see it as a sign. I had to get associated with Sai Baba this way or that. And it was this way!

I believe when something is meant to be, no matter how trivial, things just fall into place. It was a series of coincidences that led me to The Guy! I was (only) sixteen when I met him in the strangest manner possible. My friend and I saw The Guy at an inter-school function and thought he was rather cute. After our Board exams we did what was then quite the trend – decided to give him a prank call! All we knew about the guy was his name and the school he had gone to. On a lark, we picked up the telephone directory and assumed that since he was an alumnus of Army Public School he must be the son of an army man (which certainly wasn’t true of all the students studying there). So we looked up the telephone numbers of all army men with the same surname as his. And the first number I dialled was his!

It was the first time I was ever talking to him and I spoke for an hour and enjoyed every minute of it. When I told him during our first ever conversation that he shouldn’t join the army like his father because his wife would miss him while he was away, I had no idea I’d be his wife five years later!

My friend, who was my partner in crime, had predicted much before The Guy and I even started seeing each other that we’d end up together! I laughed at her, not knowing then how right she was. And I laughed at her also because I knew we two – The Guy and me – were like two opposites. We hardly had anything in common. So how could we end up together?

Our five years of courtship was a secret I kept from my parents. I had no idea how I would tell my parents I wanted to marry him. How would I tell them that I met this guy through a pranks call and want to now marry him? As luck would have it, I never had to. One fine day, my mother asked me if I wanted to marry The Guy! It was that simple. I couldn’t believe my ears when she asked me that – I mean, how could it be possible that I was getting married to the man I wanted to without even having to say as much. How could it be possible that the much-hyped “love marriage” would get arranged so easily without the slightest bump in the ride? All I had to say was “Yes”! And everything just fell into place, just like that!

In retrospect, the events of the first day I spoke to The Guy were signs I never recognised of things that were to come my way. And there’ve been plenty of things before and after that that lead me to believe that signs aren’t just a series of coincidences that occur in our lives, they’re just waiting for us to discover them!

Do you have a sign story?


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  1. >Hey there,This post gave me goosebumps.The story of how you met the guy is very cute.About Sai Baba, no body in my family was a follower and I am not a religious person at all but when I was desperate for a job, a friend gave a me a Sai Baba book to read and said that anything I wish for will be fulfilled. Thats how I first read about Him. The book is full of stories similar (uncannily similar) to yours.

  2. >Oh yes…I believe in ‘signs’ , ‘serendipity’, the ‘universe talking to us’..whatever you may call it.From meeting Gman the first time (at an airport no less) and a calm voice in my head saying ‘Ok, he is the one’ not to be confused with neon signs, violins ‘HE is THE ONE’ but more like Acha, so he is the one (you know what I mean).A day care opening behind my voice when project conception started…exploring potential work and the organization in question getting a grant out of the blue for something that is my research interest the same day. Of course not all signs are so ‘fortunate’, at times the universe conspires to shift the balance, change the rules when you have just figured things out!!

  3. >Amazing :)And you meeting the guy through a prank call is so adorable… so he is an army kid..? yes it was amazing how you managed to find his number. Yes, I have felt there were signs including my meeting my husband, but I always manage to find some logical reason for them…Once (1996) I had flown from Port Blair to Chennai for a vacation, and remembered my best friend was reaching there from the US in Jan, I was excited and just had to meet her, so to contact her relatives there I went through directories to find thousands with her surname, finally we thought we’d ask at the Air port,and when we reached there, her flight had just arrived 🙂

  4. >@tearsndreams: Now I’m waiting for a miracle to happen!@the lover: Read those. Is there a sign in the signs!@aneela: wow! you’re quite a sign post 😛 Lol! Just kidding!@IHM: Sometimes though, logic just falls short of explaining stuff!@Monika: Cute, huh? I think it’s embarassing :)@unsung: Really? I think it happened so normally that I was amazed at it only in retrospect.

  5. >Oh my god, what it is it with blogs and flourishing love stories everywhere I go. I hope this is some kind of a sign for me! : )You know, one starts believing only when one has experienced and then realised. I am a cynic to the core, and I firmly believe nothing good can happen to me. It is not pessimism, it is an observation from years worth of running into walls. But I love the thought of things just falling into place. Thanks for you comments. They are very encouraging.

  6. >”And the first number I dialled was his!”Amazing! And then you not even having to tell your parents about him!! As for me I have had dreams which turned out true, sometimes in the immediate future, sometimes, years later.

  7. >oh yes signs are there everywhere…but I must admit, I am better at picking up the bad signs than the good ones ;). My H had showed my pic to everyone at his office saying that he would marry me (it was the first time he saw me, and we had never met)…As for Sai Baba coming to your office – it is a good sign. May he fulfil all your wishes 🙂

  8. >@tulips: Thank you :)@pseudo: I’m sure you have a sign story you haven’t discovered yet!@narcoleptic: Ah! There you go – aren’t there signs everywhere waiting to be picked up?@utp: Hmmm…@Nitin: I had plans too of going to Shirdi. Have been postponed for now!@Piper: Really? My FIL’s retired from AMC. How about you?@Shail: I didn’t even dream I’d meet someone like this… It was more than a dream come true.@Deeplydip: How cool! He just knew it? And I do believe Sai Baba’s good vibes will do me good!

  9. >:)It is true that when things are bound to happen, they will…I do belive in the little signs of the universe! Sometimes it is just my own gut feeling that tells me whether something is going to happen or not and whether it is good or bad. Other times it looks like the world is conspiring in my favor as things just fall into place!But yeah..There are signs everywhere

  10. >now that was some sign! i believe in ‘signs’, ‘destiny’, ‘serendipity’, but don’t have a sign story. maybe i’ve not read the signs correctly yet to interpret..but yes i sure wish there were sign to guide me sometimes.

  11. >, so it isnt really my fault!!!! nobody gave me a prank call!!!! grrr… of course, how i would hav reacted if anyone gave me a prank call when i was 16 is beside the point… anyways…and yeah, even i believe in signs.. but i never keep images…. i dont believe in religion that requires visual reminders….

  12. >@Jira: I love it when the universe conspires to get me good things :)@calling you ‘a’: Perhaps you need to wait a little bit longer for the signs to make themselves evident.@Avaran: Now, you’re reading too much into the absence of signs! And hey, I never said The Guy was 16 when I met him!

  13. >hmm… well, how old was the guy then???? hey, i must say, it sounds really sexy…. i mean, its quite cool that a prank call could lead to something so lasting!!! and about me reading too much into, well no…. iv had my share of signs…. but they were mostly on the job front…. looking back, in spite of the fact that iv changed jobs at an average of 10 months per job, i can see that it was always leading somewhere… where i want to go now… and thats wat gives me the confidence to take yet another plunge! but my last job search was so awesome… and so filled with signs that once i started writing about it and then abandoned it because it wasnt doing justice to the effort….

  14. >beautiful post, d. signs are always there for the keen mind, but it is just as delicious when things are discovered in retrospect. i once had to make a 3 day trip to bombay, where the 2nd day was an off day that i had to myself. i woke up late, stepped out for a cup of tea, found this old black and white pic of baba in the stall, and got talking to him. the reverence with which he addressed the baba, it touched me. as i was talking to him, i got asking about shirdi, how far it was, and just as if i was driven by something, i walked straight to the train station and set off…by evening, i was there, and could you believe it, the temple was almost empty, that i walked straight in, had the most peaceful darshan, and early next morning i was back in madras.

  15. >hey..chanced upon ur blog..nice one:)blog rolling you….abt signs…i really dont know…sometimes I’m so confused…lots of books on philosophy say a lot of different things..dont know which works for me!as long as one has the faith i think the rest shd be good!sweet story abt ur guy…

  16. >I do believe in signs..Amazing about the guy…u know the minute I saw my husbands pic(during that era we had arranged marriages–pics were exchanged and all!)I knew I would marry him..

  17. >@Manish: Thank you :)@Vivek: Oh, like that. Best of luck.@Edita: Yes, there are lots of takes on the “signs”. But as you said, whatever works for you!@how do we know: I think so too :)@Vinz: Oh yes, derived from Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist I guess.@my space: That must be your sixth sense, right?

  18. >I have had many con-incidences in my life but Oh! what a fairy tale was yours… I simply adored it… lucky you are to tell your grand and grand-grand-children and WE too of such a story about u…keep blogging… :)http://muddleheaded.wordpress.com

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