>Love Lost

>Give her her love
The man she held
In her arms for so many years
And who left her
Without the warmth of love
Or hope
Or even another chance
With another man.

Give her her love
The man who stood beside her
For so many years
And then left
For another,
Leaving the world to laugh at her
And pity her, by turns.
Leaving her vulnerable
To judgement and hurt.

Give her her love
That love that was once her life
And still is
The only life she can want
To make her happy.
The love that she will hold in her heart
Even now
When it’s gone
From her life.


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  1. >@Edita, Monika, GM, Abha: Thanks :)@How do we know: It’s jilted love. And it’s better than nothing!@sansmerci: We’ll wait for you to get inspired enough :)@Jira: Nobody needs to be betrayed, withing the patriarchal society or without it.

  2. >i am beginning to believe nothing much can ‘make us happy’…we live in this eternal myth that by getting something or someone, we can be happy. happiness is a choice we make, with and despite everything around us.nicely written, this.

  3. >@Dbum: Objectively speaking, I agree. But I also know that it’s not easy to let go of someone or something that has been part of your happiness. She may learn to eventually move on and be happy with the choice she has made. But very often, our choices are made by Destiny.@my space: From his part, it may not be love. But unrequited love is still love, even if you are better off without it!

  4. >Love lost or only the object of love lost… i hope the jilted lover finds the object of love again. May someone else inspire the dead love to come alive just for him, and may she live again the joy that she is entitled to.The woman for whom he left her will leave him for a better option. It’s a cycle keep following.Very beautifully worded, a story that can be a part of my life or my sisters life too. But I am sure for the unstable object of love I will not let love fizzle out

  5. >We all live in a world of factasy… those who leave us also live in a fools paradise… how can they ever be happy by making somebody else unhappy…nice poem though πŸ™‚

  6. >@simplyme: You’re right – it is the object of love which has been lost. But really, it’s difficult not to confuse love and the loved one after you’ve spend a decade or more with that person.@afaque: Well, there are people who are happy doing that I don’t know how!

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