About me

I think, therefore I am, and therefore this blog.

Like it less cryptic? An average Indian woman trying to do above average things everyday in life.

Still less cryptic? Writer, blogger, daughter, sister, wife. Full time worker.

Like it simpler? Indian, married for 9 years, working for 10, a new mum. Blogging from 2006.

Bas, ab go read the blog!


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  1. You may like to add some recent posts (or any posts you like) to the side bar.
    How about adding an Archives page – something I missed in Blogger and something that makes exploring a blog much easier.

  2. Hey there. I’m a first-timer at your blog. Read through most posts. Simply put, I love the way you write. I can almost relate to it, because I often have the same thoughts.

    Keep blogging! And could you tell me how I can follow you?? 🙂

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