Where do you deposit your grudges?

Do you lug them around forever? Hold on to them, refuse to let them rest?

Do you carry them with you till they find a vent or vengeance? 

Do you take them to an inaccessible part of your brain, that exists, but only in the past?

Do you let go of them, just like that, into thin air, so they can vanish?

Do you impose their burden into your relationships?

Or bury yourself under their weight?

Do you let them pile into insurmountable heaps that mar your vision?

Do you lift them up as trophies, as victims would?

Do you lay them down as foundations for your future experiences?

Do you drop them, unceremoniously, on people around you?

Do you preserve them for future references?

Where do you deposit your grudges?


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  1. This question sounds really interesting…:)…would have appreciated if u had numbered them alphabetically or numerically….
    Well…for me I would rarely hold on to them and even if I do (rare case) I wuld vent it out as soon as possible in the most appropriate time,manner and situation as this keeps me venom free and in many cases gives an insight into a different dimension….
    I understand its human nature to deal with it differently but for me this baggage is too heavy and useless to be deposited anywhere so I just don’t take the pain to carry or deposit for too long….I try to finish..the sooner the better…

      • You’ve answered your own question here…:).. Do what YOU like….if atleast its good for ur own sake….

  2. I keep them in inaccessible part of my brain. This part has a small hole thru which the grudges keep trickling out – drop by drop – and eventually fade away

    • There’s only one answer.

      As for me, I hate to lug them around, hate to burden others or myself with it. Don’t think venting or vengeance always helps. Definitely try to forget, even if I can’t forgive.

  3. For me, its really hard to forgive and forget. I keep them somewhere inside my mind and make sure they dont make my life hell! When I get chance to avenge , I finally breathe !!!!!!!

  4. This reminded me of a story about Victor Hugo.
    When Victor Hugo was exiled from his beloved France, he spent 18 years in the Channel Islands. For this man who was once the Royal Dramatist, exile was worse than death. Each afternoon at sunset Victor Hugo would climb to a cliff overlooking a small harbor and look longingly out over the water toward France. Legend has it that each day when he finished his meditations there, he would pick up a pebble and throw it into the water. The children who knew him finally asked him why he threw a stone in the water each day. Victor Hugo smiled gravely and said: “Not stones, children, not stones. I am throwing my self-pity into the sea”.
    I think that is what one needs to do with all grievances and grudges! Keep the lessons, let go of the grudges. Why lug them around??

  5. Interesting and thought-provoking post.
    I guess I keep them locked in a portion of my brain that I don’t often visit. I hope to be able to say, some day in the future, that I lost them on the way.

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