I wouldn’t want to be pregnant and Aishwarya

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to be Aishwarya and pregnant. I’m just saying I’d hate to have so much undue attention on my pregnancy the way poor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan does these days. No, I’m not defending her either, because I’m not her fan or anything close. But I think my pregnancy is such a personal thing, I wouldn’t want it dissected to pieces by the media. Or made jokes of on all platforms. I understand that it’s the price the celebs pay for stardom, but seriously, if I were in her shoes, I would ask – why can’t stardom come with a privacy clause?

I’m very uncomfortable with the idea of discussing my pregnancy, or it being discussed by people who have nothing to do with me. It bothers me as a woman to think that another woman should have to go through it. A lot of people say, what’s the point of hiding something that can’t be hidden. True. But what’s the point of going and announcing it to people who think it’s fodder for their gossip?

A certain somebody from school, who I haven’t met since I passed out of Class X – which was way back in 1996(!) – and who doesn’t live in the same town as me, actually called up a common friend of ours and said she was very happy for me that I was expecting. And that after seven years of my marriage I would be very happy to have conceived. And then, there were not-so-polite enquiries about why I had had no children all these years. She wanted to know, ‘problem kya thi?’ A person who I haven’t seen in the last 15 years except for on Facebook was suddenly so interested in my life, all because I’m pregnant! I was so disturbed, I clammed up after that and didn’t want to tell anyone about the good news.

It’s extremely rude I think to pry into somebody’s lives like that. Some small time starlet tweeted about how Aishwarya had got IVF done at a Bangkok clinic. Who wants to know those kind of details about someone else, even if a celeb, unless they want to talk about it themselves? These topics are not taboo, or necessarily secrets, but I can’t get over how someone’s privacy can be intruded so shamelessly. It just leaves such a bad taste in the mouth.


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  1. true that ! If someone isn’t talking about things that means that someone doesn’t want to share/discuss about it..so leave them at that..but no..yeh public hai 😦

    Ditto in my case…We just had 3 months back which is after 6 years of our marriage..before I conceived people shamelessly started telling me about specialty clinics and docs..first of all I never came to you to ask,secondly who are you to interfere in our private life and thirdly every couple having children after 4,5,6 or 7 years doesn’t necessarily has any issue in conceiving..!!!

    societal norms these which are in literal terms ‘dakhiyanusi’ !!! just ignore them and stay cool and happy 🙂

    • I know… happened with me too… random people telling me about good doctors. I usually ignored them, because sometimes they were actually people meaning well for me. Even now, I get queries from people about how I managed to conceive. I know how to sort the genuine from the gossip-mongers.

  2. With you on this. I just don’t understand why anything related with Aishwarya is discussed with so much vigor be it her dress on red carpet or her pregnancy.

    People who are more interested the how part can never be genuinely happy for you.

    • I can even understand why other things related to her are discussed with so much vigor, but certainly not this. It’s just in very bad taste.

  3. Oh god, this Aishwarya pregnancy thing is annoying the shit out of me!

    Seriously, even as a public figure, she never once invited anyone into her home, so what right do ppl have to question her decisions?

  4. I so agree with you. It’s disgusting – the way personal matters like pregnancy and doctor visits are discussed by the media as if it was everyone’s business. and spoken about in such a lowly way as well. it’s sad.. this is one of those times when i want to grab the media by the collar and say ‘GET A LIFE’.
    after aishwarya got married, it was ‘why is she not getting pregnant?’. every time she wore a loose-fitting dress, it was ‘Maybe she is pregnant?’. Now that she is, even more speculation and controversy. Celebrities do have a personal life too, and we should respect that.

  5. Its as if, the whole world was waiting for this news to break out.. Ever since the news has been made public, every single newspaper has some bit of news published related to her pregnancy.. I, sometimes think, how do the celebrities handle such stuff, which surely affects them in some way or the other..
    Her pregnancy has become more important than Lokpal bill or any other burning issue of our country… God save us..

  6. Completely with you on this….. but media sells gossip and that’s their job. They go any length to make it distinctive and spicier…..chill maro and let duniya jae bhatti mein..:).. …some people are born with extra energy,time and brain to talk nonsense and indulge in such gossips..ignore,ignore and just ignore……u enjoy your days.:)…take care of urself and be happy…though I pity Ash 😦

  7. I may be wrong here but it appears to be that the media isn’t so stalkerish about pregnant celebs in the West. You see a few pics here and there and the odd article about so and so being pregnant but this sort of hounding and constant attention, speculation and even plain made-up gossip about doctor visits and what not … seems to be something the desi media specialises in. I suppose it’s the next step of all this star-worship that is all too common. No condoning it though, it really is disgusting.

    • Actually, the media in the West is worse. The tabloid culture there is more pronounced. And Victoria Beckam, who’s also pregnant just now, may have more reason to complain than Aishwarya.

  8. I find curiosity and interest in other people’s personal lives very offensive. Not sure what I feel about the attention the Bachchans are getting, I heard AB senior made some remarks about being delighted about becoming a grandfather for the first time, which made some people point out that his daughter has two kids. This kind of stuff is not really gossip…

    • I agree with you. Celebs do put a lot of themselves out there for public consumption. And the public must respect that. You’re right – this is neither gossip nor humorous. It’s crassy.

  9. Same old same old. When people dont spare commoners like me, how will they spare celebs?
    From babajis to temples to dedicated fasts to specialty clinics to doctors, I have been told everything!!

    • Yes. Imagine having to deal with all that unnecesary attention multiplied by 10 times. Or having those questions splashed in the newspapers! How much worse!

  10. Congratulations. I am also pregnant- after nine years of marriage and could relate to everything that you wrote in one your earlier posts. Are you still based in Lucknow? My Husband is from Lucknow and I might go there in a few months- would definitely want to meet up with you.

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