In an ideal home…

I love home decor. I love design. I love thinking of what my ideal home would look like, where I’ll place what and how… I love wood and fabrics and textures and crockery and in another time and age, I’d be this really well-dressed house proud homemaker who’d polish her silver and dust her crystal and butter-paper her china.

When I was a kid, I used to cut and keep away pics of nice bathrooms from glossies and design my ideal room on the computer… But now, I don’t do enough for something that I love doing. I actually put in very little effort into how my house looks, because a). where are the resources? and b). where’s the time? But I still drool over stuff I see around, especially on the plethora of design sites that tempt you with the eclectic, the aesthetic, the quirky and the latest. And I think, hope that one day, I’ll have it all put together to make this really astounding-looking house that speaks volumes about the person I am.

But for now, I’m starting a series of sorts called ‘In an ideal home…’ – a list of things I’m lusting after from here and there – a piece of furniture or art, an architectural innovation, a cushion/a rug/a throw… anything.

And in the first of the series:

1. I’m loving these ikat prints on these chairs, courtesy AnthropologieLove them because there’s something appealing about Indian designs being used in contemporary ways.

2. I saw these vintage Disney posters on, and I love them for a kid’s room. Watsay?

3. And how sweet is this poster from Sugar Fresh on Etsy? Since love never goes out of fashion, why wouldn’t you want this?

4. These tumblers from West Elm looks so attractive. If I didn’t have any use for them, I’d create one.

5. This storage space for wrapping papers is so cool! Picked this idea from Apartment Therapy a long time ago.


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  1. Came in a bit late to read the babymoon post and then scrolled down to see the ‘announcement’ post. Yay!!! {{Hugs}}

    Very happy for you D, cannot wait to read pregnancy/mommy updates here. I think they’ll be very interesting read from your perspective! 😀

    As for your indoor decor collection two thumbs up for the chairs and those drool worthy ceramic tumblers . 🙂

    Take care.

    • Thank you 🙂 🙂 I’m sure there’ll be lots to write about all of that once the baby comes… There’s already so much to talk about 🙂

  2. Lovely! 🙂
    I also love the concept of furnishing my ‘home’ and making it a beautiful place with knick knacks that I have collected painstakingly. But lack of time and resources hold me back too. This is a wonderful idea to keep track of all those things you want to buy for your home, it would be lovely to have a readymade reference when you do want to start furnishing at a later stage. 🙂 You tempt me to do a post now – I have been drooling over some bits and pieces of late.

  3. First time here…read many of your posts…And i must say, i loved it here 🙂
    will be back for more!

    Just loved the tumblers…I am a huge mug-collecting-freak, and just realized I don’t have something like those…And now I have an increasing urge to get them!

    Nice Blog:-) Keep writing and hope you have a ‘happy pregnancy’

  4. First of all, welcome here. And thank you for the wishes.

    I have a thing for mugs too! What’s with us women and mugs?

  5. I have always loved home decor. As a child I used to look at the pictures and wonder, if I could have them in my house. Now that I have a house of my own, there is no money to buy anything..
    May be some time later.. But the best thing is, all the other stuff that I had collected over the years, is out to adorn the walls/spaces in my home..

  6. When I was a kid, I always wanted a palatial house – huge, open spaces… Everyone would tell me you’ll need tens of servants to maintain a huge house. And I used to retort, if I’ll be able to afford a big house, I’ll be able to afford tens of servants!

    I live in a near-palatial house now, and I now understand what everyone meant. It’s not easy.

  7. Hey D,its nice to know that someone too did this…cutting magazines and newspapers for… ”someday I will have something like this…’ will be surprised to know that my mom has still saved loads of them even after 7 yrs of my marrige..I was so touched to see them when I was home this time…..completely love such stuff and at times I wish someone leave me all alone with unlimited cash in my pocket to keep buying and buying and some more buying…hehe..I live in a city now which is just full of amazing stuff but unfortunately my house is not big enough to keep every damn thing I buy …so I pick ,appreciate and then keep it back….
    Really liked the ikat chair cover and yes I have the same white and black tumbler but its my favourite tea cup..:)

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  9. Hi D,
    What makes you think that to own a palatial one must have loads of money, and when you have loads of money you can employ plenty of servants to tale care of everything?
    Well, you saw my house in Colours Dekor, would you believe that I just have a part time lady coming to work for me. I neither have a cook, nor anybody living with us full time.
    It is not the question of money, I just like to do things in a systematic way, and I don’t like having 10 servants when there is not enough job to occupy for each of them.
    My house may have a arty look, here again i have to tell you that we did not spend thousands like some people, who go for the very arty and exclusive stuff. What you see is just naturally artistic.
    So you too can have a big house built on a budget, without spending a fortune on each and everything.
    It just needs planning, a right time to invest, and keep on looking at the things that appeal you and see how you can make it yourself or replace it with something more durable and less expensive at the same time gives a look as if a lot of money has been spent. Since, you are still young, (I assume) you can still make this dream of yours come true.
    Wishing you the very best in life!

    • Dear Rama, you have a beautiful home and congratulations to you on that.

      I do live in a house that’s spread over some 60,000 sq ft of space. I think it’s palatial enough and I know what a job it is to maintain it. We need a lot of people to manage the house. Like the kitchen garden, where we organically grow veggies, requires a lot of attention. The high ceilings, as this is an old house, need to be regularly cleaned; we need people to come in to do that. Or the garden and the pots all over the house, needs a maali to tend to them, because it’s back-breaking work that can’t be done sans help. Also, because I spend some 8 to 10 hours at work, we need at least one cook to cater to all the six adults in the family. Every morning, we have two sweepers coming in – one to do jhadoo-pocha, and another to clean the loos (in the servants quarters as well) and the outdoors, which specially needs attention on rainy days like we have these days. Everyone needs help for plumbing, electric problems, etc. In a bigger house, logically, the problems kind of multiply. Can you imagine how much money it takes to just get the house whitewashed on the outside, forget about getting it painted on the inside. These are not one time costs.

      So, while you’re right – a large house done up well can be managed in limited resources even, the upkeep of a place like ours drains more resources than we would want to.

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