Some children have it all…

…I’m just not sure if it’s for their good or not!

I’m posting some links, and  excerpts from these links, about some out-of-the-ordinary news about children and their lifestyle.

1. The child with the $76,000 bedroom

Custom murals! Designer prints of Barbie dolls framed in gold foil! Pink hand-blown glass chandeliers! Would you spend as much on your child’s bedroom as you would on their college education? If you spent your afternoons rolling around in sticky piles of $1000 bills, bored out of your mind, you might

2. 8-year-old Botoxed by mother – now the mother has lost custody of her daughter!

A mother who’s been administering botox injections on her own daughter’s face — for purely aesthetic reasons, mind you — has decided to share her side of the situation on morning television…. 8-year-old Brittany is a part of the pageant circuit — an activity that Brittany’s mother says influenced her daughter’s desire to rid her face of “wrinkles.” She skirts around the blame, suggesting that other moms kept mentioning the “lines” on her daughter’s face, and that “a lot of the kids making a big impression about the lines [on her face] probably influenced her to want to do [botox] a little bit more.”

3. Suri Cruise is living the high life

She has just been named one of the world’s best-dressed women, right up there with Samantha Cameron and Alexa Chung. Yet Suri Cruise is only five years old.

She is barely out of nappies, which is surely a design statement far away from a little girl like her. By what or whose twisted definition is she a woman?


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  1. Wow! These examples are of kids with ‘golden’ spoons in their mouths! 😀
    On the personal front, I believe kids should be exposed to both the highs and lows. They should be taught how to live under different situations; and I love the way my sis-in-law does that…

    An excess of anything is harmful, and the kids in your post do seem to have it in excess, in loads..

  2. A friend of ours just spent 5 grand on just the furniture in her 2 yr old’s room. Sure they have the means but it just seems ott to me. I’d rather put that money in college funds for the child. And let my child learn the value of money as opposed to fulfill some fantasy that I wanted to live.

    • I understand that people want to give their children the best, but at a reasonable cost, hopefully. No child ever grew up to thank her parents on how much money they spent on her.

  3. Too much of anything sounds terrible!
    God forbid if these kids ever have to live with a wee bit less at some pint in their lives. It may be devastating for them. The Botoxing mother is just beyond the pale:(

    • Now it turns out, that story was a hoax! The mother did it for money from a TV show! But the child’s still part of the dirty deal. When she grows up what’s she going to think of her mom? Or the whole episode? And who can say what effect it will have on her psyche.

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