I’m as excited as a baby!

You see the expression on a baby’s face when you give him a new toy, or when he sets eyes on something that truly fascinates her? That’s how I look right now. After dilly-dallying and procrastinating, and honestly not minding Blogger for all these years (they were 5 whole years!), I finally moved to WordPress after the huge disappointment on Friday, when I lost a post (I could re-publish it here, because it was saved in my drafts) and so many comments! And now that I’m here, I’m not minding this either. It’s going to take getting used to being around here, and I’m still taking baby steps to unravel the complexities of WP, before I really begin to enjoy them. But, being me, being the romantic me, all fascinated by the shiny, newness of this place, I’m loving this exploration too. Ā I’m a little scared of pressing tabs too freely just now, not knowing where they’re going to land me, but haule haule ho jayega pyaar, I’m told!

Till then, all you WP advocates, make me feel welcome here!


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  1. Haule Haule ho jayega pyaar is right! I’ve never looked back since I moved to WP.. it’s extremely convenient and has nice features like comment-nesting etc. Also, I’m Soul of Alec Smart from blogger – the old profile I never deleted.


  2. Hey, there! Came here through Monika’s blog, and I am loving it here! Enjoyed reading some of your posts. Will be back for more later. Am adding your blog to my blogroll. Hope you don’t mind. šŸ™‚

  3. Darlin’ we have made the shift on the same day which means our blogs now share WP birthday!!!
    teething trouble? lets exchange notes and help each other..

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