>Kaam Devta…


…Isn’t happy with me. Please don’t confuse this Kaam with Kama; they are two different entities, and while you’re at one, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to manage the other. So the Kaam I’m referring to is what we call in English, ‘work’. And now that we’re not lost in translation, let me tell you why exactly I think my Kaam Devta is unhappy with me. Suggestions to improve the situation are invited.

Today, I had an argument with the photog, the reporter and the page designers in office – just about everyone there is to argue with. I’ve been having day after day after day of stressful weekdays because I feel like I’m doing all the dirty work in my office. Which means I do more work than most others, and get all the flak for the mistakes, while the credit for all the right stuff goes to others. Not a unique situation in an office, I understand, but it’s been so prolonged now that I’m tired of filling in for inefficient others — one day one person, the second day another — while doing my own work, and making it appear like team work when it isn’t.

Probably, everyone’s doing the best they can, but if their best isn’t sufficient, what do I do, being in a perceived position of responsibility? I keep wondering, how will they improve if they don’t have it in them to improve no more? Probably, and hopefully, this is temporary.

In other circumstances, I’d quit because I hate working under stress, but now the bloody money has become so good, I can’t quit! I want that cash coming into my account every month. And the bonus, and the hiked salary. And I have no other place to take my talent to within this city! So it’s catch-22.

Actually, I don’t know what Kaam Devta thinks of me these days and if he’s unhappy with me or not, but clearly, I’m quite unhappy with him these days.


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  1. >Ah, that's just another day at work for me!!But seriously – try talking one on one. Maybe they need help? Or are they not motivated enough? Or maybe they are in a comfort zone and don't want to stretch.Try giving them more responsibility or making them more accountable. Maybe they think they are not getting their due.A 101 conversation might help.I am sure u might have done some or all of these already, but since u asked..

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