>If you are what you watch on TV…


…I’m one confused soul.


  • Top Chef
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • Nigella Feasts
  • Man V. Food
  • And any other cookery show on TV

Going by that, I’m sometimes a gourmand, a gourmet, a closet-chef, a foodie. But I’m none of that. I actually spend more hours watching cookery challenges/shows than I do in the kitchen! And I have no idea why…


  • The Amazing Race
  • Roadies
  • Bigg Boss
  • Khatron Ke Khiladi
  • And sundry reality shows

Does that make me a drama queen? A vain voyeur?


  • Balika Vadhu, a Hindi soap on child marriage
  • Re-re-re-re-runs of Friends
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • And shows like the Modern Family

Does that make me a couch potato? A soap junkie?


  • News channels
  • Debates
  • Travel shows
  • And Discovery

Does that make me an intellectual, a thinking viewer, a half-geek?

What kind of a person are you, if we judge you by what you watch on TV?


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  1. >My favourite channel is NDTV Good Times which ,unfortunately, we dont get here.. Plus I love to watch all the travel related shows on any channel.. And ofcourse anything to do with Indian Army like Mission Army on Nat Geo.. Previously there was a Jai Hind on NDTV Good Times.. 🙂 I watch Roadies and Splitsvilla as well sometimes.. Mostly channel surfing to catch up with some good song or movie.. Nothing in particular.. Not a TV buff..

  2. >I watch anything which catches my fancy when I am surfing. It could be an old/ recent Bollywood movie/ anything on HBO/ Star MOvies/ UTV World Movies/ MGM/ Zee MOvies or any reality show. rarely do I get around to watching news though -p prefer the newspaper or updating myself online

  3. >Mostly all the soaps you listed.. yes, even Balika Vadhu but stopped watching it after the girl was threatened to be thrown out of the house the nth time.. lost its limited novelty very quickly.Plus, Masterchef when it's on + Dexter + download Big Bang Theory. I think I'm just a couch potato too 🙂

  4. >@Soulmate: I'm not a TV buff either. I think I can live without TV.@Mumbai Diva: Hey! How are you? Long time….@SMM: Watching the news is a conscious act of knowledge upgradation for me. Otherwise, I'd skip it mostly.@Alec Smart: I'm far from a couch potato actually!

  5. >I watch any program which has to do anything with CIA, FBI, NYPD. Few shows I watch are criminal minds, white collar, covert affairs, law and order suv etc

  6. >dude, if u're watching all this on TV, you're a TV junkie, best defined!!!!I watch movies on TV mnostly, coupled with HIMYM, Friends, Modern Family, Animal Planet and Nat goe.

  7. >@jayashri: Those are just the programmes I never watch – use too much of my brain :P@Pooja: I hate movies, especially if I have to watch them on TV.@Chandni: I don't watch all these shows everyday, all the time. In fact, I watch TV on mute usually! So, no way am I a TV junkie.

  8. >I like to keep NDTV 24X7/CNN IBN/Times Now/Headlines Today/Discovery and Fox History channel on even while not sitting and watching. Love heated discussions on subjects of interest,on any news channel.And I enjoy watching movies sometimes, sometimes randomly, sometimes planned and waited for.

  9. >All i have to say is that you watch a lot of TV!! LOLI watch desperate housewives, and re runs of friends and sex and the city, and i dont want to think what that makes me!

  10. >Like Soulmate, my fav is NDTV Good Times, which so much like her, I don't get in my PG. I also watch lot many cookery shows, but like you don't spend much time in the kitchen. And even if I do, the dish turns out to be a flop, or I forget half of the ingredients! What's the use of watching, I don't know. I also watch NDTV 24/7 and Big Boss. And yes, strangely, now Balika Vadhu, I never thought I would find it so interesting one day.

  11. >@IHM: I love debates too, as long as the questions aren't rhetoric.@Iya: But I don't watch too much TV! I could easily live without television actually.@mysoulitude: Sounds a lot like me.

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