>Back on the red carpet!


…When awards for this blog were not few and far between. Now they are an occasion. An event. And one I shall not let pass by without enough pomp and show.

The profilic blogger, Patricia of Colours Decor conferred this lovely award on me last month:

Heartfelt thank-yous Pattie, for the honour.
Unfortunately, this award comes with no tag. Like tell 7 random things about yourself’ or tag 10 lovely bloggers! But what the heck, I can surely change the rules a bit.
New rules of the game:
1. Make a list 5 things you’d like to be awarded for in real life
2. List 5 fav awards you’ve received in your life ever
3. Pass this award to 5 lovely bloggers

Ha! As you can see, I leave no chance to indulge in some self-praise. But, hey I’m giving others a chance to do the same. So here go my lists:

5 things I’d like to be awarded for:
1. Working non-stop for the last 9 years and loving at least 8 of them!
2. Making the best fat-free cold coffee in the world.
3. Being in love with one man all my life.
4. A Lifetime Achievement Award – for watching enough cricket in the last three months to last me a lifetime.
5. At some time in my life, I’d like to receive an award for writing. Some day…
(That was tougher than I’d thought!) And now for my 5 fav awards:
1. I got a ‘Smart Baby’ prize when I was one, tells my Mom, even though my parents had not entered my name for that competition at a carnival. I still gloat over it!
2. I’ve got a lot of prizes for academics, but my first award in school was for ‘Helpfulness’. I’ll always cherish that.
3. My first and last award for Maths – in Class 3!
4. A prize for my cursive writing in school

5. And an award for English in every year of schooling.

Now, to pass this award on to 5 bloggers:
1. Monika Manchanda, the consistent blogger who’s roped me in for NaBloPoMo!
2. Aneela Babar, for who she is.
3. IHM, for her passion and positivity.
4. Soulmate, for being a sweetheart.
5. Dee, who has more in common with me than our blogging names.
Phew! Over to you, women!

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  1. >Congratulations!!The award 'Display' and the Title itself are envious itself.Your Blog(s) are enriching and devouring, temporary façades would fade in time. While the rich content would remain.Nice to know more about you! :)You are an achiever!! Keep up the Boil!

  2. >Whoa… I got an award… Yippee… You are the only one in this whole world, who has given me an award ever… Thank you soooooo very much… It means so much to me… :-))

  3. >Thank You D 🙂 It's been a long time… it seems the blogosphere has forgotten all about awards and tags :)I have seen your hand writing in an earlier post and am not at all surprised you won an award for cursive writing 🙂 Congratulations on all the awards you received and best wishes for the awards you want – even that Lifetime Achievement Award 🙂

  4. >@Monika: Ain't you glad I gave you fodder for a post ;)@mepretentious: Ah well, thank you.@Soulmate: 🙂 There's always a first time. @IHM: I agree, awards ceremonies on blogs used to be so much fun! What happened to them?

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