>10 Reasons why my mom’s better than yours


Ha ha! Giving eye-grabbing headlines is part of my job. In this case though, it’s not an accurate headline. Because I know your mom’s the best, just like mine, and ours. Anycase, I’m still sharing the top 10 reasons why I think my mom’s the bestest. And why I’d like to be a mum like her when I get around to being one.

1. She never, never ever harangued us* to eat. Never with a capital N-E-V-E-R. And we never threw a food tantrum. Either she was lucky to have kids who ate when they were hungry, or she knew something about parenting – that if the kid’s hungry, she’ll ask for food. Why does that make my mom the bestest? Because I think mums who do not overfeed their kids is a rarity. And because it’s helped us to not use food as a tool of emotional blackmail. We know we eat for ourselves, for our own happiness and not anyone else’s. So even when we’re angry, you can’t get a ‘I’m not going to eat dinner’ line out of us. Good for everyone around and us!

2. She’s the coolest mom. I don’t remember mom ever getting angry. Upset, yes. Angry, never. I don’t know what she’s made of, but at her angriest best, she’s still so sweet. I wish I had inherited that side of her. She doesn’t even crib!

3. She hold no grudges, and hasn’t passed on any to us. Mom’s just unreal in ways. She can help her worst enemy because she doesn’t see anyone as an enemy. I swear, she’s human, but that’s how she is. Which means that we don’t carry the baggage of our mother’s hurt around. You know, she forgives anyone who’s wronged her in some way. And that just helps us do the same, instead of holding a grudge against people who have done us no harm directly.

4. She’s always positive. And that’s thankfully something we’ve both inherited from her. Even in the most dismal situations, she can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

5. She goes for her medical check-ups without being reminded, has her medicines on time regularly. Women tend to neglect their health so much that children have the responsibility of ensuring they take care of themselves. But it’s a blessing to have a mum who’s alert and aware about her health at 60. Not that she doesn’t have her share of problems – she’s diabetic and hypertensive. But thankfully, she’s kept both under control with lifestyle changes and proper care.

6. When I’m feeling low, I know she’ll pep me up. That’s what moms do, don’t they? Say the right things, make the right sounds and hug you till everything’s okay.

7. She doesn’t mind that both her daughters are crazy after their dad. Well, for most part of my life I was. Now I’m saner – love Dad but know he could have been a better husband. But for so many years, Mummy never resented the affection OD that we lavished on Papa. She didn’t try to manipulate her children to make a point against the husband, and just for that, I respect her so much!

From the PostSecret site

8. She’s the best crisis manager. Anyone in the family has a problem, they can count on Mom to fall back on. During Dad’s worst illnesses, the weddings in the family when women tend to lose their nerves, during tragedies in the family, she’s remained rock solid. From her I’ve learnt that no obstacle is too great to overcome.

9. She doesn’t worry her head over us. So when we used to step out of the house, we knew we just had to take care of ourselves and not an over-anxious mom waiting at home. Or when we go out of town now, I know I don’t have to call her 10 times in a day to tell her I’ve had my breakfast, lunch and dinner, am here now and there next. It makes it easier to live life, to focus on the thing at hand, instead of using up a great deal of our energy or keeping someone else cool.
10. I love her and she loves me. What do I care for the rest?

Happy Mother’s Day!

*Us = Sis and me


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  1. >sigh some points in the post make me go green specially the one with food, why o why for me its a struggle every day 😛 lovely note

  2. >Well ur headline just did the job. When i read it first i was in all mood to close the window and not read any more but then curiosity got the better of me.. and glad that i did read it. Moms are the best and some points in ur post resonate much with me..

  3. >@Kala: Indeed, I am.@Monika: Like I said, I guess my mom was just lucky to have kids like us :)@Iya: Ha ha! It came from how everyone's posted on their FB wall that their mom's the best.

  4. >@Mystic: Yes, I wonder what I'd do without her!@Dee: It's not in me to forgive people who do me injury, but if she forgives those who err against her, I'll forgive them too!

  5. What a lovely tribute!! She sounds like a wonderful lady and a perfect mother. Just like you, I wish I could be like her too. 🙂

    and welcome to wordpress!!! I can now comment! Blogger was annoying.

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