>You know you’re leading a good life when… Part 2


…you can afford to be lethargic on days at stretch and no one reprimands you for it.

…you can change clothes without bolting the door ever, and no one walks in on you!

…you fall ill, and there are more than half a dozen people ready to do anything to make you happy. Almost anything.

…your friends take your secrets seriously.

…you’re dog tired after work and you get an inspiration that makes you want to slog some more, and you don’t even mind it!

…you almost forget to wish someone important on your birthday but you’re saved by people who remind you just in time.

…you are surrounded by people who feel happier for you than you do for yourself. Blessed like that!

Part 1 here


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  1. >@Sach: It's a feel-good list. Try it!@Soulmate: Yes, I'm totally alright, but it's nice to have people fussing over you every once in a while.@Kala: Oh, I must check out what you wrote!

  2. >@Mystic: πŸ™‚ I did just in time. The day after I posted this was an awful one at work!@Chandni: Yes, like it helps to read this today :)@Deepti: Thank you!@How do we know: Touchwood. I hope so too.

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