>May be, forever so


For someone who’s always running short of time, I must admit I am very brave to take up the NaBloPoMo challenge. But what am I if not foolish, eh? So there I was, being nosey parker on Twitter, asking around what’s up with this gang of bloggers (gang of girls too?), led apparently by Monika (who, I can’t believe, manages to update three blogs regularly *sigh*), all joining in a chorus of ‘Me too, me too!’ And before I knew I was singing the same tune! (To check out who all are participating in this, head to Monika’s).

Which isn’t such a bad thing after all. Considering all the thoughts that wither away in my head because I procrastinate too long to write ’em down, this is a good idea. There’s another problem too: I usually come here with a mind to post, but end up blog-hopping, reading all the latest updates, and then there’s no time to write! Seems like such a bad excuse na? It ain’t, I promise it happens.

Apparently, there are prompts for each day’s post, but I’m feeling quite confident I won’t need them (read: heed them). But for starters, I’m going to play by the prompt for the month – Maybe. My interpretation of it? Here goes:

May Be

When the yellow blossoms turn golden on the trees
And the grass blades begin to fade from dark green.

The sun comes up early and stays on late,
Peeps in throughs trellises and shaded window panes.

The flowers on the mango trees turn plump in anticipation
And the Gulmohurs flame up the clear blue imagination.

The yellowed leaves rustle in the morning breeze
That carries the koel’s cuckoo across the balcony.

Who remembers then the wheezing last night
Of the dust storm that left a trail of dirt behind.


Of that and more Mays be
Year on year, till forever be?


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  1. >lovely poem Dand yeah monika is really mad enough to do that, most days I am up till very late because i have to update blogs, finish work etc etcsigh but lets make this month fun together 😀

  2. >@Mystic Margarita: Thank you :)@alwayshappykay: You really think so? 🙂 Thank you!@Monika: Thank you! And hats off to you, woman!@Soulmate: Well, I do love summers, and wouldn't mind more people falling in love with them 🙂

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