>Why does the PM want to watch the India-Pak match at Mohali?


There only a couple of options to choose from:

1. Because he can’t think of other, more cruel ways to inconvenience the public. And to add to the cricket crazy Indian janta‘s woes, has invited his Pakistani counterpart too.

2. Because he’s tired of talking about WikiLeaks and the India-Pak match in the World Cup semi-finals seems like a good time to divert everyone’s attention away from it.

3. Because all vague attempts at Indo-Pak peace, such as the Indian and Pak premiers sitting together in the VVIP boxes while the cricketers bay for each other’s blood, get the media to put the spotlight squarely on misplaced notions of what is peace between the two countries. And that works well with a rudderless government.

4. Because he’s a cricket crazy Indian, just like the rest of us – and that’s just to give MS the benefit of doubt.

But reason # 4 isn’t good enough for the Prime Minister to descend with all his cavalcade, security entourage and problems at the cricket ground in Mohali. So could there be another reason?

But without much ado, I’d like to say the PM should just stay home and watch the match there instead of agonising so many people with his presence.

I’m doing a short poll on whether the PM should or shouldn’t go for the semi-finals (see right). Watsay you?

UPDATED TO ADD: 72% of the respondents to the poll said they DID NOT want the PM to come and watch the match. Public opinion counts?


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  1. >I totally agree when the common people don't get tickets for the match the PM would descend on the match creating all the more problems for the spectators. And everyone knows nothing is gonna come out of this match viewing exercise with Pakistan

  2. >I completely agree. I'm going to be at the stadium to watch this match, and the torture's already begun. Been asked to send scans of the tickets (duh!) and the passport copies etc. for verification by Punjab Cricket Academy. Imagine doing it for thousands of people!! I can so imagine the queue condition. Hope it's worth it 🙂

  3. >simply wants to grab the attention of everyone and wants to make people say that he is doing his bit for the Indo-Pak peace, which is not the case.. Cant he simply sit at home, watch it on a big screen with his Pak counterpart,if he is so much interested and have those conversations alongside… Our PM has all the time in the world to watch a match live in a mid week and cause all the nuisance to the general public.. I am not even starting on the security measures..

  4. >@Prats: Nothing except chaos.@Alec Smart: Lucky you!!! Who are you, important person? :)And thanks for sharing that bit about how peopel are already being inconvenienced. Re-affirms my belief.@Soulmate: Yes, I'm not sure the PM would show such alacrity in turning up at a place where he's needed as he has in turning up for the match!@Tara: Personal freedom?! Hello! In that case, he should come in the garb of a common man and not as the PM.

  5. >I see no problem with PM coming to watch the match. Its Ind-Pak match and with imminent terrorist threats, I see lots of security measures taken and hassles for the spectator irrespective of the PM.I dont think so that because PM is coming there will be lesser tickets for the aam junta. On a side-note, there are 10 CMs coming apart from the PM.I don't think so Ind-Pak relations will improve with this gesture but it will definitely send a good message to the world that India is mature enough to extend its hands to the neighbour whenever an opportunity comes by.

  6. >He shouldn't go!And I completely agree to reason # 2. The citizens aren't free to move in their own country, the city is almost on a curfew, hotels are vacant yet you can't get a room *security* and oh no-fly zone so no matter why you're flying and from/to where..you can't AND wait! What's the reason? A *friendly* cricket match.Being from the city beautiful, I know how it is not prone to security threats..and how people feel right now!

  7. >does being the PM take away the right from him to enjoy like other humans, just for once day out of the busiest schedule in the country ! Now its a little unfair on our part 🙂 even prez Obama has his days out !!

  8. >@Bones: True.@Mahendra: First up, pls read the comment by Alec Smart about the inconvenience caused by the PM's visit. The 10 CMs watching the match? No good. Also, why should we wait for a cricket match to extend a hand of friendship?@Sach!: Thank you for supporting my argument with facts.@G: Prez Obama's visits in his own country are not riddled with so many complexities as our PMs to the Indo-Pak match. And just as any other citizen who has the potential to be a cause of inconvenience for the rest of the public is restrained by authorities from moving freely, so also the PM should think before landing at a public event such as this.

  9. >@D: The security protocol mentioned by Alec Smart was the same for QF against Australia and is the same for finals in Mumbai too. So no additional hassle was added for aam junta by the PMs. Also, nobody was waiting for a cricket match to happen and then only extend a hand of friendship. It was just seen as a good opportunity to break the ice between two nations. Don't you sometimes use parties/occasions to invite estranged friends/relatives and mend things up.

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