>Ja beta, jee le apni zindagi


Now don’t tell me you haven’t seen Amrish Puri give Kajol the ticket to live her life by undertaking a journey on the Eurorail in that romantic flick called DDLJ that continues to run in some Mumbai theatre! But this ain’t about an iron-fisted dad and his daughter. This is about The Guy and me.

So, hopefully, we’ve already established that like every other Indian guy, my husband eats, breathes, sleeps cricket. He can watch a match from start to finish, the toss and prize distribution ceremony included. And watch still another one with only a grin to give to his wife as explanation for the unreasonableness of it all. And with the Cricket World Cup breathing down my throat, you know what things are like back home. To make matters worse, the World Cup’s come home, I mean it’s playing in the Indian subcontinent. And some fancy friends of The Guy put the idea in his head that they must go to watch at least one match live at the stadium. Tickets were booked for Bangalore, where India plays England this Sunday, even though there was no match ticket in hand! But umeed pe duniya kayam hai. And even while the ‘source’ is supposed to yet confirm the passes to the match, another ‘source’ has been tapped to get passes for other matches that India is playing in the country!

This second source, a friend of mine who’s saying he’s going to shave off his head if India wins (how are the two related?!), was chatting with me on FB, telling me about his plans to go to Mohali and Mumbai yada yada to watch the matches, mentioned just as The Guy peeped into the chat window – ‘You know the next World Cup will take place in India 20 years later, and we’ll be in our 50s then!’ And that was all the reason my husband needed to justify his wish to travel all over the country to watch India play whichever other country! Since then, he’s actually been making travel plans, pullingI all the powerful strings required to procure match passes, VIP no less. There’s frenetic messaging happening everyday, dates being discussed, locations being looked for, budgets being mentally drawn up in the head. Of course, I’m nowhere in the picture nor on the flights to Bangalore, Delhi or Mohali.

So what is my reaction to all of this? Despite my grudging tone in this post, I was all like ‘ja beta, jee le apni zindagi’. Not one to hold back someone from doing what they want so much to, I think that there’s very little that men like The Guy, do for themselves in general. I mean, he rarely ‘wants’ anything. And I think if this inane cricket stuff is what he wants, what’s the harm? A few thousands spent on your heart’s desire is exactly what we earn for. No?


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  1. >Heh, I guess we all have our quirks. :)But, funny thing, I just watched the film in this movie theatre day before with a couple of international friends coz they wanted to watch a Bollywood film at the cinema and if it has been running for 15 years… πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  2. >I would love to watch a cricket match live in the grounds.. We are a cricket crazy nation.. This time, I want to watch the world cup finals in Mumbai… I like it – Jaa beta, jee le apni zindagi…

  3. >@Prats: Yes 😦 And the website with the tickets for the finals had also crashed! So many cricket fans, so few tickets!@Carpe Diem: LOL! Not bad :)@Obsessivemom: πŸ˜€ Ya, I'm like that only ;)@Soulmate: Another cricket buff? πŸ™‚ You know, of the 30,000 tickets for the finals, only 4,000 are for the general public!

  4. >and yeah, he spent over a 100 bucks getting HD online transmission of the series which he can record, re-watch, and transmit on the big screen tv of course. a lot cheaper than what Guy's indulging in … but even this had me shaking my head. esp the waking up early part. heh … like ye said, there's not much he wants. it's alright. πŸ™‚

  5. >*standing ovation* to you for being the sweetest! And.. you should go see a match with him, not only will he love it! you'll love it too.. these matches are something else when seen live!! =)

  6. >I have to repeat the standing ovation by Elle Woods. Loved the post – let me share this story with my husband. Lovely post, lovely attitude D!! I see cricket for some people like blogging is for some bloggers.

  7. >Wow, nice!! I was hoping to grab tickets for atleast 1 WC match, alas not to happen.. but i am looking fwd to IPL.. loved watching the Chennai open tennis match live..Like ur Guy, i do the same for Bryan adams concert whenever he visits India.. and i have some amazing friends[read who have been chewed to a point of no redemption] that they actually gift me the ticket :-))

  8. >Congrats on the Tangy Tuesday Pick! I always thought that the dialogue in DDLJ was such sheer arrogance – I mean imagine "permitting" your daughter to make her choice in life! But the way you've put it brings a smile to the lips. Happy World Cup Fever!

  9. >@Roop: There's no price to passion ;)@Sushil Kumar: Thank you.@Elle Woods: Oh, I have seen a couple of matches at the stadium – from the Ashes at Sydney to an IPL match in Delhi. And yes, they're great fun indeed.@IHM: πŸ™‚ I think cricket-lovers are more ardent followers of the game than even bloggers are of blogs!

  10. >Aarti: Wow! Who wouldn't want such friends? Lucky you!@Hitchwriter: πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Do, do.@Ritu: Oh wow, I didn't know that! πŸ™‚ As for the World Cup fever – we're sacrificing Holi at the altar of the world cup!!

  11. >HahahahaMy first visit to ur place ….and it does seem that u are really hit by cricket fever….Well, on d contray… I watch cricket from start to end and my hubby doesnt….and even I mentioned something similar when IPL started just in case u want to seehttp://life-fun-pleasure.blogspot.com/2008/06/ipl-and-wives.htmlbut ur last lined summed it up…jaa beta je le apni zindagi :))u have earned a follower πŸ™‚

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