>Burnt Out

>Hidden signs of a burnout:
1. You’re physically exhausted all the time.
2. Caring about anything takes too much effort.
3. You’re feeling more and more detached from activities and people you were once passionate about.
4. You’re sleeping far less than you used to and your sleep is restless.
5. You’ve almost stopped socialising with your friends or make repititive excuses not to see them.
6. Your need to be in control is overwhelming.
7. You have lost interest in sex.
8. You refuse help from others and begin to see it as a weakness.

Read this in a mag today. Almost 6 of those 8 points hold true for me. I know a one-page feature in a magazine isn’t the best way to diagnose a condition, but this looks like a sufficient pointer to a problem. Solution? Apparently, doing nothing helps! And that’s exactly what I’ve been craving for – doing nothing. For a while at least.


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  1. >Totally..doing nothing helps for sure!! but what helps even more is staying as close to family as possible. That secured feeling,the warmth and the satisfaction of just being around your greatest support system does wonders. =) AND more than anything else..you have got to stop believing that you even have 6 out of 8 of these symptoms.. consider this a phase and let it pass!Read Eat Pray Love in case you love reading.. i swear by it now ! =)

  2. >One magazine page might not be a sure shot indication of anything but then I guess it might be a warning sign and you need to be careful and watchful about your health

  3. >If not surely, at least its a warning if 6 out of 8 are true. Think about it…and yes at times doing "nothing" helps but then in today's age, doing nothing has become such a rarity. Take Care!

  4. >@Elle: Have already read "Eat Pray Love" and swear by it too.@Prats: You're probably right, but what else explains those symptoms?@Tara: It's not that there's anything wrong with this phase; it's that I'm feeling too exhausted.@Kanupriya: You're right – how do I manage me time? I mean, where do I get it from?

  5. >@Soulmate: You're way too sweet! I wish I could escape, but right now, I'm just stuck!@anamika: Thank you de-lurker 🙂 And yes, you're right – a day or two to rejuvenate myself would also make a difference, but guess what? I'm even working on a Sunday today! 🙂

  6. >One spring doesn't a summer make and one magazine article doesn't a condition prescribe! is what I'm telling myself too after reading your post.:-(Think its that we live in a world that's too stressed and driven…wish it could be otherwise.

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