>What’s the big deal about saying sorry?

>It’s just a single word – ‘sorry’. And it’s so hard to extract from an unwilling giver. It surprises me then, how I’m so easy with saying my sorries, heartfelt sorries, sorries to set things right, sorries to people I love, sorries for things I didn’t do. Yes, you read that right – I do that too – say sorry at times for saying stuff and doing things I don’t consider wrong. And I’m okay with it.

Sometimes, it’s just the price you pay for peace with a person who can’t see that you’re not wrong. And if I have to choose between my ego and a loved one, I choose the latter. Because it’s only the ego that holds you back, doesn’t it, from bending when someone else isn’t? Between me and my heart, or me and my God, I know what’s right, I know I’m not wrong. So what if someone else doesn’t understand or doesn’t agree?

Someone would say I’ve compromised on what I believe in, said sorry when I don’t feel it. But I don’t see it like that. If it makes someone happy, sorts things out, I can do that. If that’s the only way of convincing someone of my good intentions, I can do it. As long as that person is important enough for me to go that extra mile. Because you don’t want to be estranged from someone who’s important to you because they can’t get your point. What do you get by being right and being unhappy?

But I’m not sure everyone thinks like that. Would you say sorry for something you aren’t guilty of, if the person is important enough?


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  1. >with you on that. saying "sorry" does not make me small; so no issues at all. But I have seen especially in kids; when they realize they have misbehaved but yet they refuse to be apologetic. -BlueMist

  2. >The DH thinks I say sorry a lil to easily too! I just think its better to stop an argument right there when it isn't worth my time or effort.But I have to admit to having a confrontational side too.. If I feel passionately about something, I dig my heels in and demand an apology.

  3. >@Jyothi: Exactly!@How do we know: Okay.@BlueMist: I've seen that too – my nephew is a sweetheart except when it comes to saying sorry! And if you ask him to say sorry, he'll never do it. Of his own volition, maybe.@Dee: Me too. I will never apologise to someone who is irrelevant to my existence, if I don't think what I did was wrong.

  4. >Yes, I would go ahead and say sorry, if the person is of more importance than saying sorry.. Even if that means, sometimes we have to bend backwards.. At that time, peace is more important for me.. Infact I have done that many times with people whom I love or have loved.. But I would not let the other person take me for granted, who would expect me to say sorry everytime, even if I am not wrong.. Did I confuse you?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. >Hi DI think I would do the same. I would defend my corner against a random person, but when it is a loved one I think I would apologize or compromise on the slightest thought that I might have hurt them. I could be defensive though, because I would nver be at peace without making them understand that my intentions were only noble….We are new to blogging , do drop by when you have a chance.. Your comments would be much appreciatedcheers

  6. >Oh…I don't know. I've apologized too often to all the wring people for the sake of peace and harmony to think it's a good thing. I've learnt that sorry must be used sparingly or people start thinking of you as weak!

  7. >@Soulmate: I know what you're saying. And I agree. You can't always be the one saying sorry for no fault of yours, even if it's with a loved one.@the girls from the land of dreams: Firstly, welcome here ๐Ÿ™‚ And you're right, you can't just end a conversation with a 'sorry' without attempting to put your point forth. But we generally end up apologising for something we aren't guilty of when the other person can't see out point of view.@Amrutha: Point noted.

  8. >importance of a person is the key word here…and that's how I take my decision to bent ..at the end of it the relationship weighs more than having your own ego which any way is going to be with you ๐Ÿ™‚

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