>What to expect…

> When you’re travelling to Thailand (Or keeping my promise of sharing pics from the trip).

At Phuket
Ma Ya Bay


That red speck in the sky? That’s The Guy parasailing
The colourful sunbeds at Khai Island
Phi Phi Island


Need I say more? 🙂

His and Her (below) – Signs for the washrooms


“Best view in town”. Of?

Not in memory of Osama!


Gotta lick it!

You can swim with the fish at Khai Island

Those are sparrows!! Yes, those little house birds that are now extinct in India can still be found there. Can you imagine how excited that made me!


Multi-coloured flower motifs at Wat Pho, the temple of the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok 

Lots of Buddhas, everywhere




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  1. >Hello traveller ;)Your profile looks pretty and the pictures,prettier!:)BUT..where are the pictures of the "real stuff" ..shoes!!!!shopping!!!! all the jazz.. bring 'em on i say! 🙂

  2. >@Blue Mist: Thank you :)@Scribbler: Yeah, there were some funny pics of us with those signs too. Censored for the blog ;)And I'm still trying to find the look that I like best for the blog.@Elle Woods: Traveller is what I'd like to be one day. Make that my occupation.And you want the shoes? You do? Oh, how I love you!@Neha: Yes, I loved Phuket the best too.@Dee: About the sparrows – there are none left in my part of the country. And there are many reports regarding the disappearance of sparrows in India, even if they are not extinct yet. This could be a relevant read: http://www.indiatogether.org/2005/aug/env-sparrow.htm

  3. >@Monika: Hey, how are you? Long time… What happened on the trip?@Elle: :D@Scribbler: ;)@Sanand: Thank you! It was tough short-listing which ones to put up here.

  4. >I was suffering from Typhoid & it did not get diagnosed ….mistook itfor viral fever & went on this business trip to Pattaya………it wasawful. Was in hospital for 10 days after I returned back . Am betternow.

  5. >@Peenuts: You need any more info, mail me.@Monica: Oh shit! That must've been awful! I'm glad to hear though that you're back to working full time 🙂

  6. >@Swaram: Thank you, I loved those sunbed too! @Soulmate: Another shoe post, seriously? Clicking all of them is too time consuming 😉

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