>Flights of fancy

>Overheard on a flight from Lucknow to Delhi that reached its destination before time:

Uncle 1: Flight is before time.
Uncle 2: Haan, hawa ka direction Dilli ki taraf ka hoga, plane isliye jaldi pahuch gaya! (The wind must be blowing int the direction of all Delhi, that’s why the flight’s reached early).

And then, no one laughs. OMG! he was serious.

Can I please continue to laugh? ROFL!!

Edited to add: Ok, the joke’s on me! There’s some method to the madness, as some of you point out. So let’s get together and laugh at my ROFLing. Cool?

And yes, I’ve deleted the duplicate posts and some comments may have gotten deleted with them. So sorry, but nothing personal about it, ok?


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  1. >Tailwind is a serious phenomenon, guys. Nothing to laugh about. It considerably increases the speed of a plane and reduces the flight time. :|physics, anyone? šŸ˜€ yes, flew too much all my life to learn all about tailwinds and headwinds.i am a closet geek.

  2. >LMAO :pbut u caught a good one…there are so many of them…BTW, have followed u in photoblogging…drop by sometime :)http://chand-lamhe-fursat-ke.blogspot.com/

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