>And I have a plan…

>There’s good news for all of you – I’m not quitting this place, not just yet. I can’t! But I do think I need to revamp it for my own good. (I’ve already got a new template, as you can see). And I have a plan that I’m going to putting on the record here, so that if I lapse on it, you can pull me up. Suggestions are most welcome.

  • First things first, I’m going to de-clutter. Over the years – how many have there been? almost three – I’ve accumulated so many links to blogs and bloggers. And I think there’s this phase happening in blogosphere right now, where an entire generation of bloggers has given up blogging. The first blogger I blogrolled – the only one who’s on my FB friendlist – hasn’t blogged in ages. Then there are others who write stuff that no longer interests me. Probably they’ve moved on or probably it’s time for me to move on. So yes, there’s going to be some cleaning up. I may not drop them off the blogroll, except just mentally.
  • I need to read new blogs. There’s such interesting stuff out there that I haven’t tapped into. Time to explore some freshness. In fact, I’ve already added a couple of blogs. More than a couple actually, a lot of which are design blogs that I’m absolutely in love with. So yay to new blogger friends! 
  •  I need a new header for my blog. Something that’s me. Not just a random pic that I poorly photoshop and put up. I need something more than a pic. Are there any volunteers out there? Pretty please, help me!
  • And what if I get a new name for the blog, though I think this one’s become so part of my blogging identity that giving it up won’t be all that easy. Wotsay?

All this may take some time. It’s not going to happen overnight. I have lots on my hand right now. And I’m taking a short break next week – a break as in a vacation break – so yes, there won’t be a relaxed weekend to do all this on. So be patient, and I promise I’ll be good. In the meantime, you can ask where I’m going, ’cause I’m not telling just yet!


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  1. >welcome to the club of 'change' :)Any change here would be welcomed,trust me..finally it's the writing that interests the reader the most than anything else on the blog :)A new peppy template with new features,pictures,widgets et al is a like a bonus :)Take your time and come with a bang 🙂

  2. >Hola Shiny New Blog!:)(i love changing the look too,though its only for my eyes,as i dnt see any followers yet!)But thats never a deterrent!! :)SO..vacationing eh? where and when? I look forward to lots of juicy posts then !! :)AND the plan….ROCKS!:)

  3. >Great to hear you won't call it quits and that you are thinking of methods to improve what you r already doing. You've even got the structure around it- so good for u!

  4. >@Scribbler: That makes sense. I think the visual appeal is just for me.@Elle: Oh yes! I hope to come back with lots of nice stuff to write about.@Sanand: Thank you!@snippetsnscribbles: For the technologically-challenged like me, Blogspot is way better than WP.@Roop: But this isn't the crimson red, it's more like wine. I'm surprised that it hurt the eyes. Perhaps, it's got something to do with your monitor settings?

  5. >recently caught ur blog. been a sort of mirror with added fancy frames on it!!any changes wud be good for you, but for me : content is most relishing!so be there. Just that!

  6. >nahi, it's not the monitor. i am on laptop now and it's the same. red – wine red – is fabulous. looks really good, but i wouldn't want to read more than one or two posts at the max at a time. a white background is easier on the eyes is all. i wanna stay here more. i want to read more. for that, i'd prefer white background.

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