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Too many things, too little time to tell them all. Here’s what’s been on my mind:

  • Anil and me

Some people find it bizarre that I’m in love with this hairy hero known as Anil Kapoor. But I am. Have been since I saw Mr India. And when I like someone, appearances become so secondary. Which is not to say he’s not oh-so-good-looking. It’s just that I know there may be better-looking men than him in filmdom, but I have eyes only for him. So what’s the point, I hear you ask. The point is I met AK last week. I’m definitely not star-struck or tongue-tied have met , but when it’s Anil Kapoor we’re talking about, both are admissible. So there I was at this starry wedding in town, with Amitabh Bachchan and Fardeen Khan and Dia Mirza for company, and I managed to catch hold of dapper Kapoor and get myself clicked with him. Oh, the joys of making a fool out of yourself in public!

  • The Big Switch

So I was watching this show on TV called ‘The Big Switch 2′, which is about parents switching their kids and kids switching their parents for two days and all the problems that arise thereof. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, but I realised they’d made a reality show out of most Indian girls’ lives. See, when we get married, we switch our families, begin living with a new set of parents whom we must consider our own and grapple with adjustment problems that come up and treat them like they’re part of life like everything else. Some people manage well, depending on the compatibility between the switched parents and kids, some people are sore losers. Sounds true to life? Well, here’s finally one reality show that actually resembles reality.

  • Fat vs Pregnant

In other news, I’m beginning to convince people with the way I look that I’m pregnant. Goddamit, it’s just a paunch. And those are just the extra kilos I’ve been piling on. So stop staring. And stop guessing. The other day, I went to a party where the hostess had the cheek to first ask me what’ll I have to drink and then add pointedly that there was Coke as well, you know, since I won’t have liquor. I swear I could have thrown that Coke right in her face. Other people are more sophisticated in asking why I’ve started looking so “voluptuous”. Oh yes, fat deposits everywhere and can increase your bust size much against your will! So there I am, trying to tell people through my high heels and the wine glass in my hand that no, I don’t have any ‘good news’ to share. Actually, I’m not trying to tell anyone anything at all. I’m just super irritated with this breed of women who concentrate all their energies in trying to guess whether I’m finally pregnant or not. If only there was an option on FB on your pregnant/non-pregnant status, these people would be thrilled to bits!

On the other hand, I’m so not enjoying the new weight. I hate it, because it makes me feel so uncomfortable in my own clothes. So I’m resorting to desperate measures. After trying very hard to not go on a diet, I have gone on a diet. Because I have no time to exercise, and frankly, no motivation either. So here I am, on Day 4 of the GM Diet, fighting every single temptation and hopefully coming out slimmer.

  • Slog and Blog

I know this discussion is long overdue, but I’ve been putting it off because I believe that if we spell out something that’s only a thought in our heads, it becomes true. But there’s only a point uptil which this works. Beyond that, you’ve got to call a spade a spade. So here’s the truth in black and white: I have no time to blog. And I miss it sorely. I slog at work and often work extends to beyond office hours, thanks to the Blackberry. Till now, no one was complaining. And even now, no one is complaining overtly. But I realise I owe a part of my life to people I spend it with, most importantly The Guy. So, I avoid bringing out my laptop at home and spending time surfing through blogs and posting on my own. And to make up for all that, I’ve started tweeting a whole lot more through my BB. But I also realise that staying away from my blog for long spells doesn’t bode well for me as a blogger. I’d like to be as regular as I used to be, but can’t.

I was hoping to give the blog a whole new name and look, in sync with how life is for me right now. Or where I am in life right now. But if I don’t post often enough, I wonder if it’s worth it. The other option is to give this up. I have 137 followers, and I add new ones with each post, but very few of them comment on my posts. I’m probably not here enough for them to make them come out of their readers and say something to me. And that makes me think if it is time to shut shop. Is it?


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  1. >@opinionsandexpressions: Really? You actually found out how many people follow me on reader? How sweet! I haven't done that! I wish I had that much time… But in making your point, you've missed mine I think. I was talking about not blogging enough. And I don't know how moving to WP will help in that. But thanks again for your opinions.

  2. >No way.. I'm sure all your readers will tell you that! And I'm also sure that you love this space and would never want to leave it. Pregnant/Not pregnant is a great idea for fb..!!send it 🙂

  3. >@Obsessivemom: 🙂 If this slow is ok, I'm ok.@wildflower: I have to say this too – I like the feel of my blog too :D@Nisha: How much do you think Mark Zuckerberg would be willing to pay for my brilliant idea for FB?

  4. >wow… you met AK.. I remember meeting him almost 16 years back in mumbai. He was shooting for some movie called Rajkumar.. He was the first actor from our hindi film industry I met.. He is soooo good looking… Did you attend the Sahara group's somebody's wedding party?? and please dont shut down the blog. Blog as and when you can. Look at me.. No net connection to open the blogger for the past one month…

  5. >Weight gains are downright annoying.. I know coz I have been battling the cellulite for 26 yrs now :PAs for shutting blog, make it private na? I've been thinking of shutting down too, but then after I do, I get this urge to write something almost immediately 😛

  6. >Hey D!! (It feels strange to call you THAT!)But anyhow, this is my first comment because i totally know how it feels when you think that probably there is no one out there to even listen to you anymore. Though,in your case,i can confidently say that you dont need any!! comments or not..persuasion or not.. follow ups or not.. those who read your blog they'll read it anyway!Your blog speaks.well,atleast to me.. 🙂 You're a brilliant writer and dont let this be a deterrent to your blogging..plan it out if you can and restrict yourself to once a week or something like that.. but don't please squeeze it in 140 characters or something.Dont change the look or anythng if its too time consuming or may be save it for a day when you have time for it..but end this? I vote NO.for the love of writing and..connecting.:)

  7. >Oh no..please dont stop blogging…i have been a lurker for a long time….please stay…i will comment on each and every post of urz….jokes apart…I love ur writing and also the way you play with words is just laudable.Cheers,BA

  8. >No dont stop blogging. Btw about what you said – "If only there was an option on FB on your pregnant/non-pregnant status" – I think its a very novel idea. Mark Zukenburg are u listening??

  9. >@Soulmate: Actually, I've met Anil Kapoor once before as well, some 5-6yrs ago, to interview him. But this was two good :)And yes, it was at that wedding.@Dee: I can't make it a private blog. Not me.@Prats: You like? 🙂

  10. >@Carpe Diem: No, slow isn't a problem :)@Elle Woods: Why didn't you say all these nice things to me before? 🙂 I'd never have thought of quitting!@Bhavya: 🙂 Thank you for the support. This should be motivation enough.@Peenuts: Ok, now I'm really going to get in touch with Mr Zuckerberg!

  11. >hehe!! i know..i should've na? I started following you only abt a month back when i was browsing through random blogs.And i was pleasantly surprised!:)i really hope while my account logs in at blogger.. to find a refreshing post from you..No quitting thoughts now!

  12. >Arey wah! Post that AK and you wala pic for us pls? :)GM diet is supposedly good and works..let us know the results. Very curious.About shutting shop – sporadic posting is still okay. We are here and enjoy reading you. Please don't stop.

  13. >Please don't stop blogging 😦 I love the way you write and I check your blog everyday. And please don't take anybody's comments here seriously. Moving to WP is a bad idea and making it private is the worst of all. Please let it be the way it is 😦

  14. >Also, as an afterthought, you should subscribe to one of those live traffic feeds. I'm sure the results will be very motivating and you'll never ever think of such a thing 😦

  15. >@Elle: Now I really like you! :D@How Do We Know: I really think I'm not going to be feeling guilty about posting infrequently now!@AHK: Pic? Lemme see. And yes, I'm on Day 6, and the diet works. This is my second time with it.Thanks for the vote!@Anon: You posted two comments. Where did the first one go? :(@Chandni: Wah, what typical Chandu ishtyle!

  16. >And for some statistics you have 415 subscibers on Google Reader and NOT 9 as opinionsandexpressions posted.It's not much, I am subscribed to your blog on google reader and hence can see how many subscribers you have.There you go, another reason for not quitting ! – V

  17. >@Anon: Oh, there they are!Actually, I don't care for how many people are following me through blogger and how many through reader. How much does that matter?@Monika: You do?! I'm so glad.@V: Yes, very attention seeking. Try it, it's fun.And about the subscribers, I thought so too. But since I'm technologically-challenged, I thought better than to argue 😛 And the bit about 9 subscribers didn't make me feel bad. I miss the comments, I admit, and I think it could be because I'm so irregular with blogging.

  18. >HEY!! My first comment here!! and for sure first of many more to come!! so for it to keep flowing i guess u need to continue blogging!!! u got a great blog here!! gr8 going continue with the same!!

  19. >Oh God you just fished for comments there right at the end…and I have fallen for it :)AK is amazing and ageless!PPl who want plan ur life for u and want all the details..when u do it and when u dont do it are uncool!GM diet..shudder shudder…be brave sister! I have been telling myself I want to be fit and dont care for the few extra kilos ;)And yes please keep blogging ..

  20. >sistaah! Me been piling on the kilos, me not motivated enough to do something to reduce it, and me too not finding enough time to blog.But WHY do you want to shut shop??Please don't.Whenever you find time to say whatever, its a pleasure to read and reflect…

  21. >@Ananth: Thanks!@Chrysalis: 🙂 I wasn't just fishing for comments, I meant every word of what I said.The good thing about the GM diet is that it's not unhealthy. So no stress there! But yes, fitness is far more important than figure.@JLT: Thank you 🙂

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