>Budhi ghodi, lal lagam

>…Or dressing up your age.

I’m all for doing what the heart tells you to, living the way you want to. But somewhere in me, I admit, is ingrained my convent education telling me that some things need to be done the way they need to be done. There’s a time and place for everything, and 50 is not the time to dress up like you’re 25.

I am guilty of being judgemental there. There may be under that garish outfit a very good heart. But can I just blame my fashion sensibilities on my convent education again? Because I do find something distasteful about a person dressing up to look at least 20 years younger. Isn’t aging gracefully all about accepting that you need to let the new order take over without fighting with all your bling and bright colours to stay where you are no longer fit to be? And perhaps what’s distasteful to me is not the appearance – as unflattering as it might be – as much as the desperation to look younger.

At 30, I should be wary of making such statements, or writing such posts. For, of all my fears, my biggest is not being able to accept that I’m growing old. How much longer before I am too old to be sporting fashion that college-goers do? I mean, I already am that old. Love as much as I do the college trends, I am careful of not emulating them because a). I’m not in college and b). I’m not 18. But I still wear clothes and colours I love. Because dressing up well needn’t be about dressing up like your kids. I love yummy mummies, oh yes, I do. But a mother (or a MIL) who’s competing with two generations her junior? Not my cup of tea.

I’m not a fashion critic (how I’d love to be!), but I do know that while some people can own a look irrespective of their age and carry it off with elan, others just come out of it looking like an aging Elvis competing with the Beatles. And Elvis lost his fans because he wanted so badly to be like the Beatles! Is it too much to ask for fashion restraint when you’re growing older?


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  1. >I so get what ur saying coz, I just had a convo abt this with d DH! We were at a mall to watch a movie last nite, and this woman who without a doubt was 50, was wearing this black tights, over tat a denim mini-skirt and a fishnet-y kind of top.. The make up was a whole other thing, were it looked like she used her lipstick as blush!She came out looking, not hep, but crazy, ugly, desperate and definitely 50!The DH thinks they don care abt their looks, they only want the attention!

  2. >Hmm….I am not sure how mid thirties woman should dress! I wonder if I am aging gracefully! :)I think we should wear what we are comfortable in.I dress according to mood. Good Post.

  3. >For me, dressing up well is more important.. Something that suits me and my personality…. I would hate to dress up like a barbie doll at the age of 33, just to try to look younger… Puts me off completely… The best place to see such people dressing up like their kids, is Gurgaon Malls….

  4. >@Esha: And you still commented?! Grrrr ;)@Goofy: Ah, one more of my ilk!@Roop: Ditto šŸ˜€ @Dee: But there's something like good attention and bad attention, nahi?@Jyothi: Yes, if you're comfortable in something you'll carry off the look. So no worries there.

  5. >I am guilty of dressing only for comfort and am capable of wearing age inappropriate clothing more out of indifference, convenience (was ironed, was on discount, was the warmest jacket in the store that day, nice colour, might inspire me to exercise) and occasionally ignorance (fuchsia is for teenagers?) than to look young.

  6. >Yes it is too much to ask OTHERS to be fashion restraint. Coz it maybe you who doesnt like it, coz you have a fear of growing old somewhere within you sucking away the happinezz and free thinking on your style, clothes and color sense. No! old age is not about acceptance and dignity and all that…tey dont want to be trendy or look younger with their clothes…they feel young…colors you choose to wear even in the mornings before leaving for your workplace reflect your thoughts and specific moods on that particular day..getting old is not living old…but feeling old is sure a crime…you dont stop living at that age dear! and you never know! there are people who want to look beautiful in remembrance of their tender years or perhaps they want to look pretty for themselves, they adorn themselves…we dont wear clothes for society and neither for anyone else..itz just a matter of choice just like career or marriage is…SO just leave it at that…u can chose to be the way you want and enjoy the feeling of being respected regardless of your choice of attire and similarly, you ought to respect others tastes as well. By the way, i am no old lady trying to give you a piece of my mind…am just 27, infact younger than you. Have a good day, OLD lady! if you feel i wrote this to criticize you and you might not want to let this publish, remember you criticized several at one go and just to end on a sweet note, i like the way you express your thoughts…quite provoking indeed! c'mon publish this to promote urself as a good listener too…thanx for reading this though

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