>Tere mere beach mein

>After a very, very long time, I got the chance to wield my camera like a pro. Despite The Guy’s discouragement, I carried my DSLR to Goa. And am so glad I did! It made up for any lack of company. That, and my super cool iPod touch, that’s everything that an iPhone is except that it’s not a phone. But I digress, we were talking about the camera and me and Goa.

Luckily for me, the resort the company had put us up in was pretty like Goan resorts are famed to be. And so I could put my photography to good use! And since I’ve been told enough times of my narcisstic tendencies, I live up to them by putting my pic here first:

But honestly, the hotel with lots of greenery and water bodies, was the prettier of the subjects.
This view, of the sunshine filtering through the wooden slats and creating a geometrical pattern of shadows right outside my room was heart-warming.

One of the best things about travelling is getting to see flowers and plants you’d never see in one single place. I’m not much of a botanist, but ain’t this flower pretty?

And that, darlings, is the gold tinged sky that was tempting us around sunset from the conference hall:

But where are the beaches, you ask? For all their prettiness, I’m not a South Goa beach person and that’s where we were! They are too quiet for my liking. And so, I had to wait to go to Baga Beach in North Goa, to really feel like I was in Goa!

And in the super-hurried visit to Brrito’s shack, I got the time to get a temporary tattoo on my ankle:
I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a permanent tattoo for far too long. But I still haven’t found my favourite design. Suggestions?

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  1. >Most of these pictures are sure wallpaper worthy.. In fact, print and frame worthy! :)I can so feel your pain when you had to sit inside with a gorgeous sunset like that happening outside.Tattoo is sweet..but still not your typo style for a perm design.Hope you find yours soon..while I take some more time to decide about mine. 🙂

  2. >awesome pictures…like a pro ;)Loved the temp tatto design and me too been wanting to get a permanent one…let's see when and what do I get done :DLoved your kurti in the picture D 🙂

  3. >@Shivanand PB: Thank you!@alwayshappykya: Hi AHK! How've you been?And thank you for those compliments – they're so encouraging :)As for the tattoo, I am toying with the idea of a star, not quite like this or at this place, but like a nautical star may be. If, that is, I pluck up courage enough to get myself inked :)@Roop: You mean that?? Wow! Thank you!@Scribbler: Thanks! The kurti, oh yes, it's pretty – a chikan and muqaish piece that I love.

  4. >@Dee: The Guy just wanted me to take a smaller camera. The DSLR is slightly unwieldy.@Prats: Thank you 🙂 It was so worth it!@Survivor: Thank you.@Soulmate: Is that the bird of paradise or flower od paradise? Yes, it was something like that. I don't know exactly.@Manisha: Mine is a Nikon D60. And I'm still figuring it out too 🙂

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