>Question of the Month: September

>Would you do something yourself if you could ask someone else to do it?

I’m one of those irritating people who will not be satisfied delegating work. And I hate it. I do want others to do some of the work I think they can, but I wish I could do be happy with how they do it. How does it go with you?


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  1. >Same with me here !! If I give someone a work, it has to be done thay way I would have done it else I am just not satisfied with it. May not tell the person on face, but I may try it all over by myself again 🙂

  2. >letting go of control is a process that needs to be learned. if not learned, it only frustrates us more as our responsibilities in life increase. ive struggled a lot with it. still do. but i want to learn to let go. learn to accept mediocre work when the consequence really does not hold much weight. for example, cleaning a kitchen counter … if husband doesn't do the job as well as i could, i am learning to let it be. but then there are concerns like having to explain an employee same thing tens of times to do it right and doing it ourselves instead and do it right, then yeh, i guess u are left with no choice.so jes, depends on the situation. must learn to let go of control when consequences are not harsh at all. welcome back. 🙂 i tried commenting on your previous post(s) a few days ago but since i had to log into either google or wordpress to do so, i let it be. hope you are doing well.

  3. >I am delegation queen!I am so good at getting people to do what I want, that people mistakenly refer to me as a "manipulator" :(My reason with delegating work is taking on the most difficult one for myself and executing it with perfection. It is better to do a couple of things extremely well, instead of the rest as half-baked!As for trusting the people u delegate, once u give them the importance of them and their job, I generally feel they will do a good job!

  4. >@Dil Se: I know! I do that too, so often!@Soulmate: It does, and on temperament as well.@roop: I agree. I keep learning and unlearning. Sometimes, it's impossible to let go because of what's at stake. Sometimes, it's super easy, because what's at stake isn't important.And thank you, for the 'welcome back'. I'm still trying to come back I think :)@Dee: Lucky you! I wish I could do that. At home, I do. At work, it's so bloody difficult because I think I need more people I can trust.@Tara: Simpler that way, eh?

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