>My first interview

>…Was supposed to be on TV! But it ain’t. It’s going to be in my school’s alumnae magazine and that’s not half as exciting. Heck! It’s not exciting at all if I forget what fun it was for once to speak and not ask, to have some listen to my answers and not think of questions. Remember, I’m a journo? Asking questions is part of my job. And role reversal felt good!

But will you laugh at me if I tell you that as a kid, when I knew nothing of what I wanted to be when I grew up, I spent hours in front of the bathroom mirror, giving an interview? Did you do it too? And in those mock interviews, there were no questions. It was just one long, eloquent monologue about I-have-no-idea-now what. But I think I became a film star in those interviews – a ‘heroine’! Sometimes, I was a dancer. Other times, I was a singer. I was always very, very famous, cult status famous – why else would someone interview me on TV? But I was never a writer. Never a journalist. Never the one asking questions. So funny then, that I am exactly what I hadn’t thought I’d be.

Of course, if you ask me now if I want to be an actor, I will say no. Famous, cult status famous? Oh yes!


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  1. >Oh my god!I used to pretend to be a repressed "poor" girl who overcame adversity to become a super model and give "interviews" on Oprah Winfrey on my rags to riches story..It used to be so hilarious.. I used to make our doggie sit in front of me and pretend to be answering her questions.. My family, have caught my imaginary talking so many times!Aah D, u made me laugh so hard while writing this comment! and I actually came here to force u to write something new 😀

  2. >lol! yep, even I have given those mock interviews… it was always an actress… :D….. but I wud frame my own questions too. But the qstns were not very important. And even the answers were not. All my focus went into getting the right expressions.

  3. >@How do we know: It's the school's alumnae magazine. Someone thought I had done something worthwhile in life!@Dee: Oh yes! Oprah Winfrey was such a hit for mock interviews. I've also been caught speaking to myself several times :D@Prats: What, you never imagined you were being interviewed?@Pointblank: LOL! Why do you think I used to stand in front of the mirror? I had to emote, you know 🙂

  4. >okay not all people do that when they were young heheh… secondly ones who do… do eventually doing it more formally… when they are adults… like you did….good stuff… why not post it…here…

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