>Search and ye shall find?

>Some interesting searches that brought people to this blog:

From Yahoo: “dupatta blindfold”
What, oh what, were you looking for? How to blindfold someone with a dupatta? What to do with a person blindfolded with a dupatta? Or what?

From Google: “indians wearing mangalsutra with jeans”
And why would someone google that??!

From Yahoo again: “japani sex”
Note, It’s not ‘Japanese’, it’s ‘japani’ someone’s looking for. Sorry guys, I have just japani jootas here, no sex!


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  1. Oh I am that weirdo 😛

    I search every ounce of knowledge unknown to my helpless, logic stricken mind to see if other people ever googled it too.

    But no, no Google search bought me here.. I hopped and hopped and came here.

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