>Question of the Month: July

>Can you forgive and not forget? Or forget and not forgive?


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  1. >forgive And forget if tried is easy.But whats the point to forget And not forgive. But in-short memories stay forever. Only time heals And faded with time.

  2. >@Appu: You forget because you can't forgive. And remembering that hurts.@Madhuri: Yes, I think so too, but they say if you don't forget, you haven't forgiven…@Mithun. Either of what?@Anon: Sounds logical – to remember because you don't have to be hurt again.@Bones: But that's also true for the other option – to forget for your piece of mind even if you can't forgive. No?@Pat: You're right. Forgetting is so difficult!

  3. >Neither of them actually !! I don't take an offense from people easilt but when I do, I just can't forgive them or forget it.I know it's not the way of life but that's just the way I am.

  4. >@Ze2red: I don't know if you even need to do the same thing in all situations. Sometimes, you need to forget, sometimes you need to forgive. And sometimes you can do both.@Suku: Is that a Leonine characteristic?@Dil Se: Ah! That's a tough one. I mean, it works both ways – how nice that you don't take offence easily and how hard that you can't forgive or forget easily either!@IHM: Time must be a healer here as well.

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