>Too Strong a Woman for a Man to Want

>If breaking stereotypes is a sin, I must be Devil’s child. So when Goofy tagged me to enumerate all My Sins against Gender Stereotypes, I thought I’d fill reams and reams of pages. However, when I did get down to writing them out, I realised there was something I had already written that made perfect sense to re-post now, with a little tweaking. Here goes:

Too strong a woman for a man to want,
The woman, they say, who wears the pants at home.
I ain’t coy and I ain’t shy,
And I won’t wait for life to pass me by.
I love my work and would rather be
In my office, than at home counting the laundry.
I can think faster than the man next to me,
Won’t ask him for some silly little pocket money.
And because I’m married and don’t have children yet
Must mean my that husband is henpecked?
And because I have an opinion on things
I’m not the kind of wife a man must bring.
Since I am only pretty and not naive,
I’m far from the “perfect” wife!
I can stand up for myself, speak my mind
Won’t take his surname and give up mine.
I’m sorry if I don’t fit your stereotype:
I flirt a little and get drunk on wine.
I don’t have a mangalsutra,
And don’t wear the vermilion.
If I live away from home,
Because I have an ambition,
I must be too strong for a man to want.


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  1. >Totally agree!!! :)To stick to 'I will be me' even after getting married needs greater courage. I can totally relate to what you have written, as I have always been fightingagainst all the discriminations & for my individuality. Feeling happy to meet a 'woman' (for me a 'woman' is synonymous to courage, strength, love, individuality) 🙂

  2. >Nicely done. And know what, of the many couples who decide not to have children, its the men who want it that way more than the woman. Its strange to see how it is interpreted though!

  3. >@Nu: Thank you 🙂 The going is good back home, but busy as ever!@Dil Se: Thank you. Yes, too strong for most men, except one!@IHM: I've not been able link it 😦 Been caught up.@Tanu: Thank you! I believe women, more than men, need to be strong. @Saumya: Thanks!@SR: Thank you.

  4. >@Goofy: Thanks! And what you've said is so true.@How do we know: LOL! Yeah, they would be :)@Peenuts: Most men aren't man enough 😉

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