>Question of the Month: June

>How do you handle the descent of 20 out-of-station guests at your place for an indefinite number of days?

Yes, that’s the question I’m trying to answer this month. You could treat this as an SOS call too.


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  1. >oh my! :Oi thought those days were now history!I think you should welcome them (since you dont really have a choice), but also make sure they understand that you will not be waiting on them as you have a lot of other things to take care of as well. They should be responsible for making their beds in the morning, picking up their plates after them, and helping wherever they can. Only then will you be able to stay sane!All the best!

  2. >Hire someone to organsie the kitchen, stock up and treat them like a bunch of girl friends 🙂 Tell them to feel at home – and manage the rest on their own. I liked Aneri Masi's suggestions. You will need a lot of cold drinking water too… You could also plan daily brunches somewhere outside, so everybody will have to get up and get ready and LEAVE everyday and return only after a good meal and some shopping. Malls are a comfortable outing in this heat – even for a large group. A mall a day, with meals included – are not a bad idea either.Don't try to do everything, let everybody help themselves.

  3. >@aneri: Sensible advice. But there are 7 kids in that group, starting at 2 and a 1/2 years and going up to 14! Then there are two ocatgenarians. The rest, yes, I could ask them to help.@Prats: I seriously would love to!@Getting there now: You don't the punjabis from punjab. They lurrrrve ghar ka khana!@Quirky: The more I look at them, the more I want to!

  4. >@IHM: Trying to do a little of all that. But the sheer numbers are daunting! Thanks for those tips though :)@JLT: Actually, I have fallen ill, but after they were here!@The Survivor: That God give me strength to feed 20 punjabi appetites!@Piper:Thank you 🙂

  5. >20??? And that too for indefinite period? My, my – may god give you more patience to deal with them & remain sane :)You know would love to say ki treat them nicely as they are your guests, ask them to offer you help and arrange for some extra house help, but whatever I say, I know managing suddden guests and that too 20 for an indefinite period is a TOUGH job :(. All the best!

  6. >u smile ur most beatific smile, then hand them their tasks for the duration that they are living with u. wait.. were u trying to do it all urself for 20 ppl? when did that become a legal suicide method?

  7. >20!! oh my good god … thats a lot… delegate as much as possible … make easy stuff… dont go all the way and make time consuming dishes.. plastic disposable plates will help a lot …. get a nice stash of dvds to keep the kids from messing around :)Good luck

  8. >@Kanupriya: Actually, they were pretty sweet. Not very helpful, but still, nice. So being nice to them wasn't sucha difficult job!@How do we know: No, no! Not alone at all… My M-I-L was doing most of it. I was just suffering in the sidelines ;)@Aneri: Arrey, some of those who were coming were retired folks. And family that's close enough to come and plonk itself at yourplace, but not close enough for you to be able to ask them when they're going back. Anyway, they went back in 10 days! @Ramby: If I choose option (b) and (c), I will automatically have to opt for (a) as well! LOL!@Anusha: Thanks Anusha. The worst is over!

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