>You know you’ve married the right guy when…

>He tells you after he buys you an Omega for your birthday, “LV bag next, baby!”

No, you can’t have him!


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  1. >Honestly, I don't care for either (omega or LV). I still don't get the charm of brand names, especially ones as expensive as Omega or LV. I got a nice Armani watch as Valentine's day present and I haven't worn it once. Its simply too expensive and I am scared to death that I might scratch it. I am sure I will build a museum if I ever get a LV.

  2. >….he stands next to you holding hands in the labour room and with equal tears in his eyes says …"wish I could share this pain with u…"… GUCCI,ARMANIS ,RADO,LV and the world's best of the best take a sidestand and u say God thankyou!..u made me rich coz i am married to this man..

  3. >@Richa: Honestly, I don't care for them either. But because they are gifts given with so much love, I absolutely love them!@Bones: 🙂 @Prats: :)@Nidhi: Totally! But a guy who gives gifts is not necessarily going to ditch you in the labour room. So yeah, I have the best of both the worlds. I wish everyone did!@Comfortablynam: Nice na? :)@Karan: Nope, not totally materialistic. It's totally lovable!

  4. >Hey D! luckily am enjoying the best of both the worlds too but would surely want to know if giving gifts is the right measurement scale or even the labour room presence for that matter:)……I am very sure every single woman in some point of her married life gets to question herself…."am i married to the right guy?…." .anyways i am also among the lots who don't mind flaunting more and more good stuff in my closet;)and its totally woman nature can't help…hehe

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