>What’s the speed of love?

>How much time does it take to get attached to people, to fall in love with things?

Three months (only??) in Delhi and I’m already fond of the people I work with. I can actually think of them and smile – the girl who’s a good mimic and can crack me up with her jokes; the guy who loves the girls he puts on the pages; the simple guy who will work only by the rulebook and nothing less; the efficient girl who impresses me with so much; the father like figure who will admonish me like I’m a kid; the fashionista, the perfectionist, the party-goer, the figure conscious one – so many people!

I’m already fond of the people with whom I return home in the office cab, the guy who makes sure everyone sits in the right cab, reaches home safely, all without causing a rupee’s loss to the company.

I’m already fond of the canteen guy who smiles wryly everytime I screw up my nose at parval aaloo or baingan ki sabzi.

I’m already fond of my hour of solitude in the metro. What if I had to reach work in 15 minutes? I’d miss observing so many people – their expressions, their appearances, their conversations.

I’m already fond of my desk, my work station, my log in id, the paintings on the wall… All in just three months?

Do you love the space you inhabit, the people you meet everyday, the faces you see?


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  1. >Hi "D"I could not ressist replying u wen i read this post. u kno its very easy for ppl like us to get connected to other ppl coz we belong to d category of ppl who think that " if we are gud to others , others will be good to us . i work in an office who have almost the same kind of ppl as u might hav in ur office . after 3-4 months of workin i was absolutely in luv with them . but after some time these ppl started invading my privacy like whom i roam about with and even questioned me why i roam about with certain ppl. their is always a space u should give to ur co-workers or ur junior . nd if u cross that line ur relations r in trouble 😦 this is my opinion

  2. >i am very fond of all the the things that make up my life at the moment, and if i don't get the feeling early on, i do everything to change or move on…but that doesn't mean i don't frequently get irritated or annoyed 🙂

  3. >And I'm already fond of all these things and people just by reading ur post… yes.. love happens fast.. but smtimes we fall out of that love faster… 😀

  4. >Delurking first time here.Before marriage, I used to travel more than an hour to get to office.After I got married,the travel time reduced to all of 15 min.A friend thought I was mad when i told him I miss the long travel time. simply coz it was MY time-I could just shut off or look around or enjoy the little things that one misses when running thru life.Looks like I am not alone in my madness 🙂

  5. >Oh yes. No wonder i am at the same workplace for more than 10 years now. I love it too much to let go. Even when i ma taken for granted.. Glad u rn enjoying your new workplace.

  6. >@Kritika: Of course, I like them because I don't live with them! Or let's just say that I don't have to spend all my time with them… I'm sure I wouldn't like half of them half as much then.@How do we know: Ha ha! Is that it?@ummon: You're lucky if you have the freedom to change your life to make it happy. Not everyone does. Or if they do, they don't exercise that choice.@Pointblank: 🙂 Oh yes! So easy to fall out of love. But I don't think I have time for that…@Soulmate: 🙂 Meet me and then I'll decide ;)@catchingbubbles: Oh yes! There's enough madness in this world to not make us feel lonely!@Monika: See, that is not a good thing. That's getting complacent. You need to get out of your comfort zone and the love and get what you deserve.

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