>April ain’t over yet

>And before it is, I must tell you what a great birthday I had. Amid all the whining and dining, I forgot to tell you all about it. You know, I love to live it up, and if anything my birthdays are proof of that. And 30 is a good age to start living it up, if I’m not already, wouldn’t you say? So there, I said it – the big 3-Oh! And believe me, it feels nothing like it sounds.

But coming back to the party, remember we did a Red Carpet Awards Night last year on my birthday? Well, this was Part 2. In Lucknow, of course! And while last year it was me and my friends who put the show together, this year it was just my friends – god bless them! So while I was away working my a$$ off in Delhi, they were brainstorming in Lucknow, trying to be funny and witty and succeeding at it all!
And like I was saying – we believe in totally living it! So there were spotlights and a red carpet, fake paparazzi, wine and shine! And we had fake dollars printed with my picture on them (I know, I know that sounds terribly narcisstic but it was so much fun!) that the guests could use to bid for some priceless possessions during the auction. Oh, I forgot to tell you about the auction – “for a good cause, of course!” And what was being auctioned? Stuff that’s characteristic of people among our friend circle – like red shirt for a guy who’s usually in red, pearls for a friend who’s always loaded and my gown from my last birthday! Over the top, eh? But such crazy fun, I can’t begin to tell you!
And the awards were as witty as they can get. Cheeky too. And very naughty. Like this one to a guy who spends all his time on FB – Most Likely to Buy Property on Facebook! And this one for a yoga crazy guy who keeps cracking suggestive jokes – Ramdev Baba award for perfecting Asana No. 69! And another one for a guy who rarely turns up at parties – Mr. India, the play being on the invisible part. And lots more.
And you want to know what I wore? A red, knee length strapless dress that showed off my shoulders all too well! I scouted high and low for it in Delhi and trust me, when I found it I knew it was a steal. Everyone loved the red on me. I wish I could show you guys what it looked like, but would you believe it, I have not a single picture of me in my outfit in which I’m not cosying up to The Guy?

And lest you think The Guy had no role to play in my party, let me point out everything he did for me on my birthday. I mean, he did EVERYTHING – right from taking care of all the arrangements to entertaining the guests while his wife was having glass after glass of her favourite wine, to making sure I didn’t plonk on the grass in the garden and ruin my dress to helping me change into my night clothes because I was too “happy” to manage even that and to finally tucking me into bed before he wrapped up things! Ah, the joys of a having a husband who’s as much in love with you as you with him!

Aaaand he bought me an awesome gift. Which I can show you:

Go drool!


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  1. >Belated Happy Bday D!!! Welcome to the 30s – looks like u had a one rocking party!!!Nice gift….I know the feeling though maybe not the same:-) I got a Longines last year as anniv gift!!!

  2. >Great to see a party post!! Belated B-day wishes… It is great that proceeds went to charity. Doing some good and having some fun. What better way to celebrate?!!

  3. >@foreverinbluejeans: Thank you!It's not a typo – it is meant to be "whining", in reference to my previous post where I was whining about my dining woes. @Mamta: Thank you! I agree, I'm blessed :)@thetinywindow: Touchwod!@Minal: Thank you :)A Longines is lovely too, but my pati was sold out on the Omega.@Jira: Great to be out with a party post 🙂 And the charity bit, well, who do you think fake dollars with my pics on them could have gone to? That was all part of the spoof!@JLT: Thank ye!Oh yes! Only 30 ;)tagskie: Thank you.@

  4. >Happy Birthday D..glad you had a blast..had your friends around and more importantly had the Boy with you.30 is not as bad as they make it out to be, is it? Welcome to the other side 😀

  5. >@Dil se: Yes, I did 🙂 Thank you.@comfortablynam: Thank you. Indeed, without them it wouldn't have been so much fun.@Dee: Thank you!@Mystic: Thanks :)@How do we know: You like? Me too :)@UsP: Thank you!

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