>Question of the Month: April

>If you could name yourself after a month, which one would it be and why?

I’d call myself April – the month that’s spring in one part of the world, end of winter in another and beginning of summer in still another. And because it feels nice on the tongue – April.


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  1. >Glad that the Question of the month is back albeit a lil late. :PMy answer would be "August". Sounds grand, just like its meaning. And if you go by the Hindu calendar, then (coincidentally) it would be "Shravani":)

  2. >@Aneela: You mean Australia? But you didn't say what's your month?@chinkurli: Thank you for delurking. I like delurkers :)@moi: Ah! I saw that a long time ago… @ummon: LOL! Good reasoning!@G: It's not late because the month is still on, ain't it?! And I never did say the QoM would come on the first of every month.I like you answer. Yes, August is a pretty name to have.

  3. >december,the month is chilled,…and then we know its year end… We look forward positevely for a better year, better days to come..!! better plannings..!! πŸ™‚

  4. >June- I love the monsoons in Malluland at the time! The parched earth responds so beautifully to the showers….Come to think of it- I've heard of March, Avril, May, June, August, but no 'embers ever, except for a story about Princess September who had a lovely complexion cos she used to sleep with her windows open. Influenced my open-window policy quite a bit, lemme tell you.. πŸ™‚

  5. >@Soulmate: And March is a pretty name as it is, methinks.And the no.'s coming :)@Goofy: Yes, Aneela pointed that out too. But your fave month…?@Vinz: Yeah? I almost hate winters actually. Almost. But for the same logic as yours, I like Jan.@JLT: I know what you mean. And it's funny how most months are girlie names, eh?

  6. >I dont need any more reason to love the name April cos I was born then in that month :)Hey, you should enable the Name/Website option too :)- SnShttp://snippetsnscribbles.wordpress.com

  7. >April because it rolls off my tongue so easily:)April because while growing up I read this romantic book where the girl's name was April…a very sunshine-y kind of spirit:)

  8. >Possibly March. It's a verb, induces me to 'march' even if I do not know where, and it is summer time when grapes are still going good even as the month welcomes mangoes – fruits that're among my favourites.

  9. >And because April is a name!Actually, so is June!July isn't, but in French, July reads Julliet, which sort-of is…Would be awkward to be called November or December.

  10. >none of the three reasons are completely correct.Its because ur bday falls in April :)I know it, me too april born n love the weather n everything bout it.and yes, fellow bloggers too :))loved ur blog. would keep clued in!

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