>The two kinds of exhaustion

>There’s good exhaustion and then there’s bad exhaustion.

Good exhaustion is when you work the day off, are happy with the day’s work and can sleep well.

Bad exhaustion is when you spend the day idle waiting for things to happen and have too much energy pent up within you to get a good night’s sleep.

What I like about my life right now is the good exhaustion bit.


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  1. >Great!!Your new job and new life seem to be doing good for you..its probably the fact that you lived up to the challenge you took that's making you feel 'good exhausted' :)Enjoy!

  2. >@Varsh: I'm trying to take the challenge head-on and that's what probably making me feel good exhausted.@Nu: Thanks!@ummon: Exactly – unproductive work can also be exhausting!@SMM: Touchwood.@Chanz: Ouch! Go for a run, jog, workout. It may just help.@Soulmate: First weekend by myself in Delhi. Should be good exhaustion because I'm shifting places.

  3. >Oh, that's totally awesome…Though good exhaustion can prove to be a bit dangerous if, say, you think that because of it, you can afford to treat yourself to a KFC Zinger Combo Meal… Brr!

  4. >@dropzofjupiter: Thanks for dropping by. It's always nice to know there's someone listening to what I'm saying :)@Bindhu: Thanks!@UsP: I so agree! It happens all the time…@comfortablynam: Thank you :)@Dil Se: It does physically tire you, but yes, you feel very content at the end.@Cynic: Oh 😦 That's not good at all.@J: Frankly, the routine is just beginning to get to me!@Sindhu: Yes, were it not for the exhaustion, I'd be really woe-begone.@Nu: All's well. Have been busy. And haven't had much to say. But updated the blog today. Thanks so much for checking in on me 🙂

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