>Question of the Month: March

>Is it possible to love two people at the same time, equally and romantically?

I have no opinion on this one. Would like to hear yours…


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  1. >Yeah, but then it would not be equally and the same way would it? It is just like loving your kids – the love is complete but different, as per each one's personality. Interesting question

  2. >I have not been in love simultaneously with two people ever, so I don't know. I would love to say that it's impossible, but I'd be acting like a frog in the well, commenting about something I don't know :)I'll read this space to see what people write…

  3. >Well… I think it is possible if the romantic feels are shallow. I feel it is impossible to deeply love two people romantically. As soon as ur in deep love with the fist person, u stop looking for a second one.

  4. >I like ritu's answer I really do… I guess u can love two people but there has to be a difference else the other wouldnt have been required isnt it?

  5. >Yes!In matters of heart reason/logic are reduced to mere hollow words.As one can't explain reason for loving one person, so is true for loving two.

  6. >@Ritu: So you're saying how you love would be different but love equally you can… Like I said, I have no opinion on this and therefore can or can't agree with you.@Soulmate: No reasons?@The Survivor: No explanations?@celestialrays: We're all talking on assumptions, so you're totally qualified to give your reasons without backing them up with experience.@shilpadesh: Oh yes, that I think all of us would agree to. It's the "equally" bit that's tricky.

  7. >I think loving two people equally at the same time is possible…Do you remember Shahrukh Khan in Devdas…he compares Paro and Chandramukhi with his two eyes and says he loves them both in the same way and just as much ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. >@Pointblank: Hypothetically speaking, it may not be necessary that someone's looking fo love the second time round when they find it. What if it just happens? Now, I don't believe in that line of thought but just asking!@Monika: Like I said, we don't bnecessarily fall in love because it is required. And no, I have no answers. I am just looking for them.@Patricia: ๐Ÿ™‚ Sweet. My thoughts too.@How do we know: Equally when you feel divided between the two.@Stone: Yeah, that may be the popular argument.@ummon: Absolutely!@Goofy: Crushes can be multiple, no doubt about that.@Miss M: Me neither. I'm a one-man woman.

  9. >@Bones: Okay… like one love can be passionate and the other more mellow?@Purely Narcotic: People who have two wives could be polyamourous, nay?@Dee: ๐Ÿ™‚ I like that confidence!@Varsh: Yes, I remember. But I'm never convinced enough. Despite all the examples, I question the concept all the time.

  10. >NO. not romantically. nor equally. there will always be something more in one person and something less in another. the nature, intensity and manner of loving will be always differ. they have to differ because each person appeals to a different characteristic of you.

  11. >yes. I think It is possible.. You can love two people at the same time that too in the romantic way. Sometimes two people can mean so much to you that u start loving both of them with the same intensity. Though both the peole of the same sex may feel insecure but it is possible.. Thats for sure.. And there isnt anything wrong in it..

  12. >I think it is possible…maybe not on the same level, but surely in another way…I second Ritu…just how we love our two kids in a different one, not one greater than the other but in equal measure for different reasons…

  13. >I loved Stone's response.@D – True, one might not be looking for a new love. But if one is really in love and passionately committed to it, then a new person just won't make it to your heart. But if smthg is missing in the first place, then there are chances. You can probably love two people, but equally? I don't know. I just hope that I don't fall into a situation like that ;)_

  14. >@Piggy Little: Neither? Oh, I thought equally was easy to say, only equally and romantically together were hard to figure!@Bindhu: I'm inclined to agree with you.@Chanz: There might be nothing wrong with it but social norms as they are would make it difficult for the person who loves two people equally & romantically.@Sindhu: Yes, if one were to love two people equally and romantically, it would have to be for two different sets of reason.@Pointblank: I hope so too! I would hate to be caught in a quandry like that.

  15. >gosh d.. really! this is like looking for the black cat (that isnt there) in a dark room! its times like this when i dont really miss blogging!

  16. >@celestialrays: Much better!@Dil se: Yeah, there is no unit to measure love but if you feel divided between two people that should be a measure enough of equal/unequal love.@Avaran: And at times like this, I know why I NEVER miss either your blog or comments :P@SMM: And for me too…And someone please decode that last comment for me!@

  17. >@Priya: Makes sense…@Nu: Ah! So you mean if it's you, it could be possible? ;)And hey, I had your WP blog on my laptop's Fav list, just that I don't have my blog here ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Sowie!@dropzofjupiter: Seems like we have a final verdict now considering that almost no one agrees with the equally bit.@IHM: I get the point.

  18. >not equally. For that, the second person would have to be a clone of the first.I mean- sometimes you love certain quirks characteristics that are uniquely a person's. So how then can you love two people equally? By the very fact of them being two different persons, your love for them has to be different.Anyway, definitely not at the same time.

  19. >That's one messed up question. I think whoever came up with the question was confusing love with lust. Now, lusting two people at the same time (equally) is totally possible.With our conditioning, love manages to come with many strings. Many.Oh D, let's propogate lust! Hahaa!

  20. >Its possible to love 2 people at the same time but I'm not sure abt the equally.Just read ur other posts about ur moving to Delhi…..laud ur decision and wishing u the very best:-)

  21. >I think that you can love two people at the same time. As for equally I wonder how you define equally? As in the same amount or the same way? I think that you can love two people the same amount but it is usually for different reasons. As in one may be loved for one reason and the other for things the first can not offerand vice versus.

  22. >@Cynic: I think it's as a recepient that you can really take a stand against the love-two-people-equally stance. Nay?@JLT: Different in quality may not necessarily be different in quantity.@Sirop.: I came up with the question but not the statement. I think the person who came up with this statement may be confusing love with lust, 'cause I'm not.@Reflections: I think it's possible to love a lot of people at the same time. For me though, loving two people romantically is an impossibility.@tara: Yes, that's exactly how I meant equally.@Piper: Crushes one can have galore. Love is a different game altogether.

  23. >Hi D, I would say it is possible to love two people equally at the same time. The only condition being that you would be loving them for two different reasons and they would be touching the two different parts of you, within you. Usually in life, each one of us have two different personalities which we keep trying to satisfy (I am a Piscean – the two fish). In choosing one person, we celebrate one personality and suppress the other, often qualifying the choice with statements like "he/she is different.", "You can't get everything.", "Ultimately you have to choose what you want." … Some lucky souls (The Bridge Across Forever – Richard Bach) do find their true soulmates, one who reach out to both their personalities or touch every part of them, and whose deepest core is ready to be touched and affected by the one they have met.Most of us then make a choice. But after that we may come across people who awaken the 'other' within us and encourage it to express itself. In that case then we end up loving two people equally, whether only emotionally, romantically or physically is a matter of choices we make out of our own free will.

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