>"And I miss you like the deserts miss the rain…"

>This one’s for The Guy. Because everything is alright. I like my job. I don’t mind the long hours, like I said I wouldn’t. And I don’t mind the food flaws, like I said I wouldn’t. I like Delhi, despite the pollution and the traffic jams and the long hours spent on the road. But I miss you. You should be here. with me, like you always used to be. This doesn’t feel like home just because you aren’t here. You are the only reason I want to go back.


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  1. >and the guy should be the only reason that you continue šŸ™‚ Or else he will feel that he became your weakness instead of strength šŸ™‚ Good Luck and hugs šŸ™‚

  2. >@celestialrays: You are smiling at my woes? :(@Pointblank: I have a lump in my throat each time I talk about The Guy or talk to him.@Iya: Yes, going home for the weekend :)@How do we know: I think so too – *touch wood*@Goofy: Meeting him on Sunday. Super excited :)@Purely Narcotic: Bitter sweet.@Dee: No way šŸ˜¦

  3. >@Lakshmi: Thank you!@Nu: I've been thinking that – how people who are actually our strengths are also our weakness.@Patricia: The first question is: has he read the post? šŸ™‚ I dunno!@comfortablynam: And I have you guys too with comforting words for me! Thanks šŸ™‚

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