>The Morning After…

>…the rains:

(Click on the pics for an enlarged view)

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  1. >@Swati: Thanks!@Charmed One: Thank you.@Goofy: You're right – there's no subject quite like nature for photography. On the other hand, I think it's also easy to photograph nature because there's no better light than sunlight. Nature lets novices like me feel good about their photography skills!@MindfulMeanderer: Thank you.

  2. >@Indyeah: That first pic was calling out to me to click it! When I saw those droplets on the leaf, I couldn't stop myself from bringing out my camera :)@Saima, Neha, Solilo: Thank you people!

  3. >@comfortablynam, Sindhu: Thank you!@Quirky Indian: The jade is one of my favourite plants!@Titaxy: That's one of the first dahlias that bloomed in our garden this season.

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