>Teach me the Language of Love

>I’ve always wanted to write a whole post on how much I love my husband but it’s never been written. I plan them – on anniversaries, on Val Day, on days when I can feel the love. But those posts never come out. I can never say how and how much I love him. I can never say how much it means to me to have in my life. I can never begin to tell you about all the small and big things he does for me because I don’t have the words to say how they affect me. I’m a poor writer, looking for words, finding expressions which can tell you how much I am in love. And how silly I look being so incurably in love the last 13 years! I feel horrible that while I have metaphors and similes for just about everything else in my life, I have none for the love of my life.

I wonder if my readers will think I have nothing to say about him except in passing (?) Because that’s not true! I have so much to say but no words to say it all with. And my words belittle my emotions when I try to write about The Guy.

Of course, I don’t need to say it for his benefit. He knows. He knows all too well what I feel. But teach me the language of love I can speak and you can understand. Because love is in the air and I want you to know that there’s this man in my life who means the world to me.


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  1. >Wow! 13 years, How lovely! "Words are so elusive when you want them most-close, within reach and warm. Just like love.If we look hard enough, we do find the words. And the love."Stay happy and in love always. 🙂

  2. >@Soulmate: 🙂 Oh yes! I love that song.@Purely Narcotic: Can neither look for love, nor words. They must come to me.And thank you for the wishes!@Bones: It doesn't. But when you love someone don't you want the world to know as well?

  3. >Its funny…I just posted something on the same lines :)I know its very tough to write something when you know no amount of words can bring out even half of what you're trying to say..but whatever you said was very beautiful and after 13 years I'm sure your hubby would know that too!

  4. >That despite being so articulate otherwise, you had a pervasive feeling of inadequacy in what you meant to convey, just goes on to show what you feel, and in what intensity. And all this after 13 years, just goes on to prove you are very lucky! And so, congratulations!

  5. >"I feel horrible that while I have metaphors and similes for just about everything else in my life, I have none for the love of my life.""And my words belittle my emotions when I try to write about The Guy."That says it all. 😀

  6. >@Varsh: Been there, read that!@Dee: Tried to say something at least.@Goofy: That I am :)@Ketan: Well, what can I say but thank you!@MRC: No, it doesn't say it all!

  7. >Surely LOVE is in the air 🙂 I'm feeling all mushy mushy reading all this lovy-dovy posts :)Your situation can be best described by this song:"You say it best when you say nothing at all"Have fun sweetheart 🙂

  8. >Wow…. tht was the sweetest thing to write for sumone u love… words r not req to tell sumone how much u luv them ..and u've proved it D .. God bless u both 🙂

  9. >Wow, after 13 years you still maintain the love and the warmth…thats such a blessing and even without writing about HIM, u seem to have brought in so much love…wonderful1

  10. >I thought what you wrote was very expressive of the love you feel for him. However, I'm not here to convince you otherwise because you know best what is in your heart, and how you'd like to express it.I just drop by once in a while to read.

  11. >@Swati: Thank you.@Nu: Love that song!@DiDo: I think my words are inversely proportional to the love I feel!@Sindhu: Very honestly, I don't know where to start if I were to write about him.@Lakshmi: Probably.@MRC: And pls keep coming back to tell me what you think of what you read here.

  12. >@Titaxy: I'm glad I've said something at least!@M: Not all, just a wee bit.@How do we know: Ok then, I've said to Ketan what I would say to you :)@Roop: Sharmaoon? And me? You have to be kidding! I wasn't even a shy bride ;)@celestialrays: If you say so!

  13. >@JP Joshi: A link that teaches the language of love? Will try it for sure.@Cynic in Wonderland: That would stop you from being a cynic? 🙂

  14. >Language of love… who won't be interested in that !I don't think there can be such language, and if there is that can be taught, sometimes all it needs is a connection and then no explanations, expressions or words needed ! :)Came through your blog through IndiBlogger, very interesting 🙂

  15. >"He knows. He knows all too well"You said it there all :-)I can so relate because I am not theexpressive one types in my relation. And I really had to make an effort to write down a few lines on my 10th anniv here:http://aayushmom.blogspot.com/2010/02/for-those-10-years.htmlBut as long as you both know, thats all that matters.And I was about to quote the song "You say it all when you say nothing at all" when I saw others have already done it here 🙂

  16. >@lostworld: Welcome here!@Lopa: If I were a poet perhaps I would be able tp express my love eloquently but I'm not, so I'll agree with you on there be no language of love ;)@souspeak: Thank you Rekha!@Dil Se: I won't say I'm not expressive. I tell The Guy every single day how he's indispensable in my life. But I can't begin to explain to someone else what he means to me!@I love Lucy: I think as a blogger at least there are bits of my life I like to share with fellow bloggers and would like them to know about this very important part of my life!

  17. >And in just a few words you have said it all:)Reminds me of a song(ghazal?) I have forgotten exactly what it was but it went like this..baatein kuch ankahee si…Have come to know just how much he does mean to you:) God bless you both:)

  18. >@Pat: Oh yes, times flies!@Tara: 🙂 It's so nice when you love someone who understands and respects your love.@Manishapatnaik: Thank you!@Indyeah: Thank you for the wishes.

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