>Random Rainbow

>A day’s worth of photography yielded rainbow-coloured pictures, all at home.

Violet and Indigo – The colour of pretty pansies
Blue – The sky on a sunny winter afternoon, with the moon playing hide and seek

Green – the grass on which I lay out my sunbed

Yellow – the tipe lemons on the trees

Orange – The kite peeking out of a tree

Red – The star that remains on the Christmas tree from last year’s decorations!

You like?

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  1. >Looks it the test comment went through :)The VIBGYOR pics are really good..how bright and sunny it is out there D. We have gloomy clouds and drizzles since many days now. Sigh!The kite and the Star pics – Would have loved it better with more zoom in.Sunbed – Wow, really? Do you get to lie there and chill during sunny days? Awesome!

  2. >Thank you folks for all the lovely comments! @Piper: Welcome back! Where have you been? And more importantly, how have you been?@alwayshappykya: Blogger misbehaves once in a while, but isn't so bad after all. As for the star and kite pics, click on them to see a larger view though I must admit the star picture isn't that great. The one with the kite, I like it with the trees! And we also got the sunshine after a long, grey spell. Grabbed the chance to soak in the sun on a holiday!@Miss M: I don't live in a palace for sure 🙂 But it's a big enough house with lots of open space. Living in Lucknow comes with its perks!

  3. >Thank you people, again!@Mamta: Like I said, there are some perks of living in a smaller city like Lucknow!@Gauri Mathur: First time here? Welcome!

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