>You know you’re leading a good life when…

>…you can sleep-in late every morning and wake up without guilt.

…your husband is out of town on a weekend and your friends call up to take you out for a movie/coffee, your parents want to take you out shopping and your sister calls you up to take you out for dinner – all on the same day!

…all your friends and family return from their travels with shoes for you!

…your friends think you’re too drunk to take care of yourself on New Year’s eve, get all overprotective and do not think twice before kicking you in the shins when you take off your shrug to show off your strapless dress, even if it’s just to your sister!

…you can call in sick at work and not have to call anyone at all!

…you feel the warmth of layers of woollens on a chilly winter day and know you have plenty to thank God for.

…people are jealous of you – it means there’s something you have that others don’t!

…your friend drops all her plans to be part of your Plan B because your Plan A with another friend has flopped.

…you have friends who forgive you for your mistakes.


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  1. >Now this right here is an amazing post, totally loved the positivity! :)Here's wishing you the very best of 2010.P.S. – I am curious tho on why one would wear a dress in public that one hesitates to exhibit to all around. Please do not feel compelled to respond on this… to each their own.

  2. >Shoes?? Did you say SHOES?? NICE!!We want a nice pic of all the shoes please!! 😀 You sure are leading a good life D.*touches a whole lot of wood*:)PS- Just a question though- should we call you Kareena or Bebo or just D? 😛

  3. >@How do we know: Thank you!@mystique maiden: Yes, and this is only part of it.@celestialrays: Yes, yes, that too :D@Revs: Oh, c'mon now! I'm sure when you're in the state of mind that I am, you won't think that.@Dil Se: Truly lucky!@Stray: The dress was totally decent except that my friends did not think I was in a decent enough state of mind ;)@Miss M: ALL the shoes? You mean you want a pic of my overflowing shoe closet? 🙂 PS – For privacy purposes, we will stick to D 😉

  4. >Hehe we would absolutely LOVE that D; a pic of your overflowing shoe closet! 😉 But I meant a pic of all the shoes that your friends and family got for you. 😀

  5. >You really swing to and fro to extremes don't you? I don't know why you were all depressed earlier, for ages, but you were, and I am sure life seemed to have had no meaning for you then. But now here you are, being happy, and appreciating life for all the wonderful things its bestowed upon you D.All I want to say to this post is touchwood! And hope this is the way things remain for you…. ALWAYS!

  6. >@Miss M: Oh, that! Ok, let me get my hands on the last two pairs that a friend has brought me from her Bangkok trip and then I shall.@Goofy: Depressed for ages? You sure you're talking about me? Maybe! But it must be better to switch between extremes than to stick to the gloomy end 🙂 Nay?@J: I like the latter 🙂

  7. >I am adding myself to the 'People are jealous of you' list..where do I sign up?Shoes..I heart shoes..why can't anyone buy me some? :(Glad you have so many people who care about you D. Happy to see you happy 😀

  8. >Hmm.. and more that all of this.. you are leading a good life, because you appreciate all these wonderful things that are happening to you :)Congrats and hope you get to add more to the list!

  9. >@Manish Raj: Yeah!@Maria: Another shoe-lover, eh?@Eram: Oh, then I have a good virtual life!@Soulmate: Me too!@comfortablynam: 🙂 Yes, I'm blessed like that.@JLT: * Touchwood *@Vinz: Yay to that!@soulsafar: I hope so too.

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