>Roll Call

>We’re beginning this year with a mandatory roll call just so that we know who’s here with us, just so that we can say hello to each other. And if you please, tell me what brings you here…

*Will the real slim shady please stand up?*


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  1. >present madam!!!its ur zest for life that brings me here… in u I partly see my pre ojas self (have I said that before) which is now slowly returning 😀 😀 did i tell ya that I partied till 5 in the morning on new years eve after like ages

  2. >dont know what you are fishing for… but I come … sigh.. never thought about it.. i kinda like ur ramblings… you raise a few questions inside me… and ur posts are intersting… !

  3. >@hitch writer: Yes, yes, now sit down please. :D@IHM: Thank you, thank you!@Monika: Now, that's just the kind of insightful answer I love. Thanks babe!@Chandni: Thank you.@hitch writer: Oye, it's you again 😉 And that's not exactly what I was fishing for, but theek hai, you pass :P@Pointblank: Hope to hear more of you in the comments section this year :)@sscribbles: Thank you!@Aneela Z: Ah! Now that's the kind of student I want to draw out – just for a day, just for a post! 82 followers but where are they?!

  4. >A very happy new year D… Well, what brings me here is the honesty in your blog.. You write about things in a way, I could relate them to… Nothing over the top..

  5. >Present maam!!Admiration and talking about being in a long term relationship is what brings me here :D.. I need to rant to someone, don't I?

  6. >@celestialrays: Thank you!@Double Inverted Commas: Thank you for saying that – now I won't kill myself for blogging infrequently :)@Mahesh: No problem. But the roll call is exactly for people like you – just so that I know you're still here.@Soulmate: Thank you!@Titaxy: Thanks babe!@Mamta Sharma: Am glad you can relate to what I write – that's nice!@Dee: Look who's talking about long term relationships! LOL! And yeah, feel free to rant your heart out baby!@Prats: But you didn't answer the question!@Saima: Thank you!@Avaran: Not late at all. Attendance marked.

  7. >Yeeessss… me here!!!Happy New year to you.And what brings me here.. hmmm, your posts/thoughts that you put out on just about anything.

  8. >Mam, I do not answer to some of your questions…. but thats bcos there is nothing left for me to say!!! :PLove your choice of words more than anything else.Happy new year!!

  9. >HAHA @ RWS 😀 I was under the impression that the roll-call was for people to de-lurk but it isn't evidently.Present and accounted for ma'm!What brings me here … Well, err when I grow up I want to be like you 😀

  10. >Hi..I am here too!:) I started visiting your blog few months back and what brought me here was random stumbling to your post regarding..being happy with/without kids..don't remember the exact title..I guess I identified with every word of it and as I continued visiting your blog..lot of similarities looked at me 🙂 I am also from Lucknow..grew up there and now far from it due to studies/job/marriage..I think I am around the same age as you are..have been married for 6 years and yeah..similar to you I got married in December (2003)..I noticed all this from your blog posts! Mostly I identify with you and enjoy reading your blog posts :)Wish you a very Happy New year!:)

  11. >The thoughts behind each post and the way you put them across keeps me coming back to read youHappy New Year Girl.. may you see all your dreams coming true this year and ahead..

  12. >@Bindhu: Arrey, how can that be? I'm sure you can always say, "I agree." :)@Ramby: OMG! If only I could bring in any of that on my blog…@DewdropDream: Actually, it *was* for lurkers to de-lurk but then, I thought about beginning the year on an ego trip 😉 And you send me on such a big one!!! Thank you DDD!@Lovely: OMG! That's just so like my life! Where have you been all this while? Let's share notes! :)@Purely Narcotic: Thank you for identifying those attributes about my blog. I like!@indyeahforever: Thank you!

  13. >@Perakath: Et tu? Now that's a surprise! @Deepika: So welcome here!@mindspace: Thank you. A Happy New Year to you too!@Miss M: Hooked, eh? Nice!@Parul: Ah! Pleasure!

  14. >Present D, I am here because I thought of you, because i want to wish you a vvv happy new year, because i liked your roll call concept, i am here because i haven't been here for such a looooooooong time, i am here to tell you that you write really well.

  15. >@Saumya: You like the questions, eh? Then there's something more for you to look forward to on this blog.@Perakath: I remember. I just didn't know it wasn't a one-off thing.@LiL High: Welcome to my blog.@Lakshmi: Thank you :)@Doli: Good! Attendance marked.@Eram: How sweet! Thank you :)@Sirop: Hey, how have you been? Long time, no see.@wordsndreamz: Thank you so much!@comfortablynam: Of course! Always welcome 🙂

  16. >I'm here too…and I come cuz i think (or would like to think at least) that we bond well, and more so on certain issues like the angst we both have 🙂

  17. >@Stone & Bluemist: Better late than never :)@manishapatnaik: Pls go ahead and get inspired :)@SMM:I know! How have you been, btw? Less busy, I hope?!@Divyaiyer: Yay! Another D discovered 😀

  18. >@Angel Dust: Thank you! And I had no idea you were coming here :)@Goofy: Thank you Goofy! It's a delight to have you on my blog. I look forward to seeing your comments on my posts!@I love Lucy: Happy New Year! And thanks for telling me you're a regular visitor – I like!@Yuvani: See, now I had no idea at all! And no, I don't think you've commented here before. Hope to hear more from you this year 🙂

  19. >@JLT: As long as you're sharing your thoughts with me, I love it!@A: Hitler? And me? 😦 I'm such a toned down version of him 😉 LOL!

  20. >Present Ma'am…Reason 1: I just like reading the thoughts and views of various individuals on just about anything and everything they come along…have been following ur blog since long… (actually just ur blog) :PReason 2: Its like all under one roof (or you can say a kind of sampling of a huge population) with so many comments you actually get to know what people think about stuff!!!you get to read various mind sets…

  21. >@Ctrl Z: Only my blog? Wow! Thanks!@Roopscoop: Like I said, better late than never :)@Balvinder Singh: You're welcome to the class of 2010!

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