>Blue Christmas…

>…is not for me! I really didn’t think I would be doing up our Christmas tree this year, being in the mood that I was. But the holiday spirit taken over me! And I surprised myself with shopping for some more things to put up on our gigantic tree. Doing up the tree was just another excuse we needed to call our friends over. Which is exactly what we did on Monday.

We first did up the tree together

A ladder was put up to put the lights high up on the tree
We used a lot of stuff from last year. Such as this:
And some new stuff too

And this what the tree looked like in the end. Ot at least one side of it. Like it?

I also got really cute Santa caps for everyone
And being typically, pathetically mathematically challenged, I got only ten of these star-lit caps when there were going to be 14 of us huddling around the bonfire after putting up the tree. We ordered pizzas which we had with beer and scotch and vodka and whatever-your-choice-of-drink could be. And since we were hungry again by the time it was time to go home, we had some piping hot Maggi and anda bhurji by the fire.
And while we’re on the topic of Christmas, here’s a question I want to ask you: Who’s the Santa in your family? That’s the question they’re asking on Radio Mirchi for their Christmas Special. And it’s a question that got me thinking… who is the one person in my family who seems to have a mental note of everyone’s wish list, waiting to fulfil all of them? It’s sad but it’s true that the person who could have fit Santa’s bill in the entire khandaan is no more: my late uncle – my masi’s husband – who passed away five years ago.

He was the favouritest son-in-law for Nana and Nani because he knew before they could said what they needed. He was the favouritest uncle among his nieces and nephews because he never forgot a birthday or a gift. He was standing by anyone who needed him – at weddings and funerals, times of joy and sorrow. He was a brother to brother-less sisters, a son to so many parents, the shoulder you could lean on always. He was everything Santa should be because he never asked for anything in return.

Who’s the Santa in your family?

Think that over and have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. >Nice!Now, that's indeed a gigantic XMas tree.Neat work with the decor :)The pics, at least the one where you told about the caps is dark..couldn't figure out much.About the question..hmm..If Santa is all about gifts , I sadly don't have any names from the family. But, if it means remembering every single b'day and anniversary of everyone in the khandaan and making sure to wish them on the day, then the hubby is the Santa! :DHe is so good at remembering dates..I have almost outsourced my friends and cousins list to him ;)A veryy merry festive season to you too !

  2. >That is an impressive tree. And great reading about your late uncle. Reminds me of my uncle who during my childhood always got me milky bars every time he visited us.Merry christmas.

  3. >@comfortablynam: A lot! It was such a blast :)@alwayshappykya: That pic is meant to be dark so that you can see the glowing lights but not the faces.And Santa isn't just about getting gifts. Your hubby seems to fit the bill perfectly!@Lakshmi: Yes, it's some 22ft high!@Miss M: The tree is so huge it's not able to take its own weight now and is leaning :(@Pooja: Thank you! @Mumbai Diva: It was super fun! Loved it.

  4. >Merry Christmas to you!That tree is humongous and it looks so lovely with all the decorations :)I'll be all alone on Xmas and although I don't celebrate Xmas as such, seeing everyone else around me get into a tizzy over it is making me sad about being alone 😦 Waaahhh!

  5. >Wowie..tat tree is fabulous :)I guess if it comes to getting a whole lot of stuff for everyone and making sure calls were made on appropriate days, I am the santa of the family..Sigh, I seem to be the size of Santa too!!Merry X'mas doll!!

  6. >@DewdropDream: Awwww… I don't really celebrate Christmas like it's supposed to be but I invariably get into the festive spirit around this time.@JLT: Mommy Santas are the best and the ones to give most unconditionally.@Dee: Wow! That's nice! Can I pass on my wish list to you?

  7. >That tree is beautifylly done.. Merry X'Mas D… hope the X'mas and new year brings lot of joy in your life… About the santa – Not sure about others in my family, but my Masi who lived in Delhi is Santa for me atleast…

  8. >@Sanand: How wonderful to have a Santa for a spouse :)@Monika, Ansh: Next year, you can take both your children to Bhutan for Christmas :)@Soulmate: Thank you.

  9. >Thats a beautiful tree D:)and maggi and anda bhurji sounds yum on a wintry Christmas night :DThe santa in my home is mom for sure :)))and now it seems to be PM :D:D*sigh* have a beautiful , happy and rocking new Year 🙂 one that is about love and contentment :)god bless you and yours:)((((((((hugs))))))the caps are cute:D

  10. >@How do we know: Yes and the best part about living in a country like India is that you have such an extended festive season with Diwali, Eid and Christmas :)@indyeah: That makes two Santas for you! Lucky girl :)@Dido: Thank you!

  11. >@Nisha: We did! It was great fun.@IHM: 'Imperfect Santas" is such a nice way to put it!@quirkyindian: Thank you. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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